Friends of the Earth Condemns EPA Decision on Incinerators

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Friends of the Earth Condemns EPA Decision on Incinerators

PDs must now uphold their election promise

Friends of the Earth has condemned the decision by the EPA to grant licences for incinerators in Duleek and Ringaskiddy.

Oisin Coghlan, Director of Friends of the Earth, said:

"This decision is a backward step for resource management in Ireland. Incinerators are a recipe for waste generation rather than waste reduction. Once built they are monsters that have to be fed. Local authorities get locked into long-term contracts to provide a minimum amount of waste or face penalties. Deciding to build incinerators before most people even have adequate and convenient recycling opportunities for many materials is simply absurd."

It's now up to the government to prevent Irish waste management policy form heading down an historical cul-de-sac. Incineration is the worst kind of "end of pipe" solution to the challenge of efficient use of resource in the 21st century. It is an admission of failure when we should be looking to the economic opportunties available in the better use and re-use of resources all along the line from extraction to post-consumption treatment.

"I would remind the Progressive Democrats that in their 2002 election manifesto they said 'we in Ireland have the opportunity to solve our problems without using mass-burn incineration. We should take that opportunity.' Now is the test of whether they believe in their own polices of those of Fianna Fail", Mr Coghlan concluded.

For more information contact Oisin Coghlan on 01-6394653.

1) Pages 51-52 of the PD 2002 election manifesto contain a concise and cogent summary of the case against incineration.
It is available for download here:

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