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Ahead of our first Learning Hub webinar on Climate and Migration (which you can now watch back here) we compiled a Read and Watch list on this theme that we’d love you to explore.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can dip in and out of the list according to the time you have to spare. The beauty of our Learning Hub is that you can read and watch for just a few minutues or for many hours! It's perfect preparation for our next webinar on Climate and Migration which will take place in May or June 2021 - this second webinar will have a workshop, participatory structure.

Explore our Climate and Migration Read and Watch List 

If your appetite is whetted for reading something longer you might like to start Reece Jones' book "Violent Borders - Refugees and the Right to Move". Our webinars on Climate and Migration are based loosely on the themes explored in this book. We can send you a copy of the book if you sign up to donate to Friends of the Earth here

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