Duncan Stewart welcomes launch of Climate Pledge campaign

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TV presenter and architect Duncan Stewart has welcomed the launch of Friends of the Earth's Climate Pledge Campaign.

Welcoming the intiative Duncan Stewart said:
"We must start now to make the cultural shift away from using fossil fuels for heat, power and transport. And we must push to expand renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and biomass."

"And we need our government to act responsibly and put in place not just a long term strategy but to take immediate steps to meet definite targets for the reduction of carbon emissions year on year."

"People must insist that climate change becomes a major issue for politicians before the next election and I hope the public will use climatepledge.ie to help make that happen."

Friends of the Earth is asking all 166 TDs to sign the pledge promising Ireland will do its fair share to prevent dangerous levels of climate change. A new website - www.climatepledge.ie - allows people to email their TDs supporting the pledge.

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