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Little Island Books and Friends of the Earth join forces to crowdfund for an eco-friendly climate book for teens

9 Nov 2020

Press release

Issued by Friends of the Earth and Little Island Books

Embargoed until 00.01am, Monday 9th November 2020




Little Island Books and Friends of the Earth join forces to crowdfund for an eco-friendly climate book for teens

The book by bestselling Irish author Oisín McGann combines climate science with an empowering & positive message for young readers.


Independent Irish children’s publisher Little Island Books [1] and environmental NGO Friends of the Earth [2] have joined forces to produce Ireland’s most eco-friendly children’s book. The book, entitled “A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change” will be funded by a crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise €15,000 and goes live on 9th November 2020 [3]. The book will be printed using vegan inks and the latest cutting-edge sustainable printing techniques and materials - setting it apart from most paperback books that contain unnecessary plastics and are difficult to recycle [4]. 10% royalty on book sales will go to Friends of the Earth.


Deputy Director of Friends of the Earth, Kate Ruddock, said:

"The idea of producing a children’s book about climate change really excites us."

"From Greta Thunberg and the School Strikers, to our own Solar Schools students, young people have proven to be a powerful force for climate action. They can’t, and shouldn’t have to, tackle this crisis alone. But there’s no doubt about it, they’ve been leading the way so far. It’s inspiring to see more and more young people holding adults to account for their lack of action to protect their futures."

"This book isn’t just for young people though – it’s a great way for parents, teachers and people of all ages to learn about climate change in a way that motivates further action.”


Favourite Irish children’s author Oisín McGann [5] takes young readers on an adventure through time to discover how humans got into the mess that is climate change - and paints a brighter picture of the future and a pathway for how to get there. It explains the problem of climate change in an easy to digest way and is also part of the solution – a step into the future for Irish children’s book publishing. Aimed at the 12-14 age bracket, this book will inform, inspire and empower young readers. It is very much a book for our time.


Publisher Matthew Parkinson-Bennett of Little Island Books said:

“We’re always looking for ways to respond to the needs of young people today. We had a conversation with Friends of the Earth and they explained that young environmental activists often struggle with anxiety about the future. We felt we had to do something that would help young people understand climate change but also empower them to feel they can be part of positive change for a hopeful future."

"Friends of the Earth were eager to be part of it and we knew Oisín McGann was already doing great work in this area with kids, so we put together a brilliant team! The next step is to secure the funding to print this book in the most sustainable way possible to ensure we follow through on our commitment to make this book part of the solution."

Author Oisín McGann said:

"I am fascinated with our existence. From the air we breathe to the roaring power of hurricane winds, this book is about the mind-boggling system of relationships between living things and the environment they inhabit. It is an environment that’s changing, and in doing so, it is changing us."

Printer Ashley House said:

"At Ashley House we are passionate about combining our love of print with caring for the environment. We are excited to be working with Little Island Books and Friends of the Earth on Oisin McGann's new children's book about climate change, and look forward to printing it in an environmentally friendly manner. We wish them all the best in securing funding for this project."




  1. Little Island Books publishes good books for young minds, from toddlers to teens. Founded in 2010 by Ireland’s first Children’s Laureate, Siobhán Parkinson, Little Island remains proudly independent and committed to inclusive publishing that respects young readers.
  2. Friends of the Earth is an Irish environmental organisation that campaigns for environmental justice and builds movement power to bring about the system change we need for a just world where people and nature thrive. Friends of the Earth believe in sustainable development – meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  3. Aiming for a target of €15,000, the crowdfunder will launch on Monday November 9th and will run through the Christmas season. Donors will have the option of receiving various gifts or ‘perks’ such as an electronic version of the book as well as signed copies of the physical book - offering people a unique gift for a budding youth climate activist in their life this Christmas. People can donate and receive more information at . The crowdfunder will use the hashtag #HopefulGuide on social media.
  4. The book will be printed by Ashley House Printing Company. Established in 1986, they’ve grown to become one of the most respected and environmentally-friendly printers in the UK.
  5. Oisín McGann is a best-selling and award-winning writer and illustrator. In 2014 and 2015, he was the Irish writer-in-residence for Weather Stations, an EU-funded project to use storytelling to raise awareness of Climate Change, and this book has grown out of that experience. He has carried on this work through school residencies in primary and secondary schools.



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