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Sick of Plastic Campaign Launch New Action for Plastic Free July

30 Jun 2020

Supermarket shoppers will be sending ‘wishing you weren’t so wrapped up in plastic!’ postcards to Supermarkets this Plastic Free July

To kick start Plastic Free July, a month of action against plastic, Sick of Plastic is launching a Postcard Campaign directed at the 5 big supermarkets in Ireland asking them to up their game in reducing the amount of single use plastics in shops.

Postcards to sign your name and demand action from Supermarkets will be distributed to hubs across the country and supporters can also sign up online at

Mindy O’Brien, Coordinator of VOICE Ireland, says;

“Each person in Ireland generates 61 kg of plastic packaging waste per year, and we are the largest producer of plastic packaging waste in Europe. A growing number of people are frustrated with single use plastic and we are asking the public to show the supermarkets just how fed up they are by sending them one of our postcards demanding change.”  

The Sick of Plastic Campaign, which is jointly led by VOICE Ireland and Friends of the Earth,is joining with people all over the world taking part in the plastic free challenge for Plastic Free July. The aim is to get more people thinking about the levels of plastics in their lives and to implement changes to reduce plastic consumption.

For Plastic Free July, you are invited to say NO to single use plastic whenever and wherever you can!

Covid-19 has increased the challenge of reducing our plastic footprint, with disposable masks, gloves and PPE now adding to the rising mound of single use plastic. Public health concerns have results in some retrograde steps in relation to reusable cups and the drive for non-packaged produce. However, as we move towards reopening our economies and a new normal, Sick of Plastic is determined to put the fight against unnecessary single use plastic back on the agenda.   

Angela Kenny, Campaign lead for Sick of Plastic Ireland, says:

Plastic Free July is not simply about changing our individual behaviour for one month, but rather, increasing our awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives and pushing for system changes to hold producers, supermarkets and government accountable for action against the tide of plastic waste.”

Sick of Plastic also seeks ambitious waste reduction legislation. Mindy O’Brien, Coordinator of VOICE Ireland, stated;

“We are thrilled to see that the proposed Programme for Government includes the establishment of a deposit return system (DRS), which is a proven way to reduce plastic pollution and meet the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive requirements. In other European countries deposit return systems have proven to lead to collection rates of beverage containers above 90%. The adoption of a DRS has been one of the key demands of the Sick of Plastic campaign.”

Other actions across the month of July include:

  • Daily tips and guidance on how to reduce the plastic in your life, across the Sick of Plastic social media platforms. 
  • Providing a plastic auditing tool which illustrates in detail your plastic load which is available at on the Voice website. .
  • Interviewing and talking with change leaders and anti-plastic ambassadors about their fight against single use plastics.
  • Promoting contactless coffee as a way to get reusable coffee cups back in cafes.  See how it’s done here.



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