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Solar Schools Competition 2019

16 Jan 2019

FoE RoS logo - FoE on bagelThe 2018/2019 Solar Schools competition is now closed.

Five winning schools will be announced soon. Watch this space! 

The winning schools will get solar panels for their school. They will be able to use free power all day generated directly from their roof, so will really reduce their carbon emissions, and during the weekends and holidays they will be able to sell any power they do not use to our partner 'Community Renewable Energy Supply' (Cres). It's really a win win win for the schools and the climate.  

Sadly, not all schools have this opportunity in Ireland. In fact, selling solar power is not an option for most, as there is no requirement for electricity companies to buy solar power generated at small scales. 

We dont think that's fair.  If you agree, and think all schools should have this opportunity, sign our petition here, to ask the Government to introduce a fair payment for solar power. 

Friends of the Earth would like to thank all who applied for the 2018/2019 Solar Schools competition. We were beyond impressed by the standard of the project ideas this year.  

Closing dates for next year’s competition to be announced in the coming months. Keep an eye on our website for more information. 


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