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Sick of Plastic

11 Jul 2017

Friends of the Earth welcome Waste Reduction Bill debate in Dáil today

Today, July 11 th 2017 the Waste Reduction Bill will be debated at second stage in the Dáil. Friends of the Earth welcome the introduction of this important proposed legislation that would ensure single use disposable items such as coffee cups are made from compostable materials, and would introduce a deposit refund scheme on all drinks bottles to encourage proper disposal of these recyclable items that too often end up as litter on our streets and in our rivers, or in landfill.

Commenting, Kate Ruddock Deputy Director of Friends of the Earth said,

“This Bill offers sensible and achievable measures to reduce litter, encourage more recycling and composting and will incentivise positive consumer behaviour change with a financial reward for recycling plastic bottles”

“People are sick of the amount of plastic waste that is around these days, much of which is non-recyclable. With the introduction of the new bin charging systems, it is imperative that it is made easier for consumers to recycle and compost their waste rather than sending it all to landfill. This bill is an important first step in the way Ireland regulates and controls the amount of plastic waste that is forced on consumers, and will have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic that ends up as litter, polluting our waterways and seas.”

"Friends of the Earth welcome the opportunity for a political debate on the unsustainable use of plastic in Ireland, and hopes that politicians will allow this Bill to pass to Committee stage for further scrutiny” ENDS

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