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24 hours to stop a land grab

19 Jun 2014

Jacinta Fay has asked for our help.

An activist with Young Friends of the Earth when she was a student in Maynooth, she is now working with Friends of the Earth Liberia.

She's working with Silas Siakor, the founder of FoE Liberia, to support a community who are fighting to keep their home.

Sign the Petition Now.

The Jogbahn Clan is fighting to keep British palm oil company Equatorial Palm Oil PLC (EPO) from grabbing their land. On March 5th 2014 the community had a major success when the President of Liberia said EPO would not clear Jogbahn Clan land without community consent. The communities have stood firm and continue to say no. But EPO is not listening. The company continues to conduct studies of the Clan’s land in preparation for clearing.

In just 24 hours FoE Liberia will be closing the petition to hand it over to the company. Add your name now to tell the palm oil company and its major shareholders that the world is watching. NO means NO!

You can read the article that Jacinta and Silas wrote for the Ecologist magazine here - great photos too.

Or just watch the Jogbahn speak for themselves in this cracking 5 minute video.

Then sign the petition. And share this action using the links above.

Thank you.

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