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Friends of the Earth welcomes re-launch of all-party Climate Change Bill

28 Jan 2013

Current Ministers Hogan, Coveney and McGinley backed Climate Bill

Friends of the Earth have welcomed steps by Sinn Fein to reintroduce the all-party Climate Change Bill of 2010. This Climate Bill was published by the Oireachteas Joint Commitee on Climate Change and Energy Security and had the backing of all the members of that committee including Phil Hogan and Simon Coveney.

Commenting Oisín Coghlan, Director of Friends of the Earth, said
"The Bill launched today has all the key elements of effective climate legislation. It has targets, carbon budgets and an independent expert climate change commission. We are expecting a Government Climate Bill in the next weeks and here we have a good yardstick against which we can all measure the coming government legislation."

The current programme for government commits the coalition to producing "a Climate Change Bill which will provide certainty surrounding government policy and provide a clear pathway for emissions reductions, in line with negotiated EU 2020 targets."
On 28th December Minister Hogan announced that the Bill would not be published until early 2013, insisting that "all stakeholders will appreciate the importance of ensuring that we get the proposed provisions right"

Concluding his comments today Mr Coghlan said
" We are currently awaiting the next stage in Minister Hogan's roadmap- the publication of a Heads of Bill which will inform discussion and debate at the Oireachtas Environment Committee. If Minister Hogan wishes to progress his roadmap without further delay he could send this Climate Bill to the Environment committee. It would be an excellent starting point given that it already has cross-party support.

The Climate Change Bill was launched today by Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and Environment spokesperson Brian Stanley. Deputy Brian Stanley will introduce the Bill in the Dáil this week.


1. The report of the Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security can be found here
2. The programme for Government is here
3. Minister Hogan's press statement on the 28th of December is on the Dept of Environ website,32078,en.htm

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