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Friends of the Earth International Supports 'Occupy' Movement

16 Nov 2011

Friends of the Earth International


17 November 2011




AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, 17 November 2011 - The world's largest grassroots environmental organization today spoke out in support of the Occupy protests and called for environmental activists and organizations around the world to join the movement to demand radical system change.

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), with member groups in 76 countries, issued a statement in support of the Occupy movement at a time when many of the camps are being shut down by police.

"We offer our solidarity and our support, and we join this movement wholeheartedly," reads the FoEI statement. "To save our communities and our environment, we stand united in calling for a profound transformation of the current globalized political economic system."

The grassroots organization believes that tackling excessive corporate power and promoting economic justice are key to solving the environmental crisis, including the climate crisis.

Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth International chair, said:

"We are one with those who raise their voices against corporate greed and who speak out for social equity and real solutions to the crises we face."

"In our struggles on the ground, around the world, it's clear that corporate interests have captured many of the spaces where people's interests should be served. Economic policies that prioritize profit over life have led us to the brink of catastrophic climate change; continuing with the same approach will only lead to more environmental destruction and inequality. This is system failure - we demand an alternative system with environmental and economic justice at its core," added Bassey.

Next week a FoEI delegation will take this message to the UN climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa (Nov.28-Dec.9). FoEI will be demanding that negotiators stop prioritizing corporate interests and that industrialized countries drastically cut their carbon markets, without offsets or carbon trading, in order to address the climate crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of billions of people.


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