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Another fine mess....

4 Nov 2011

Minister Hogan made a hames of the launch of his climate policy review yesterday.

oliver hardy

His comments on the launch have caused confusion and uncertainty with his suggestion that work on climate change legislation will be delayed by at least a year while he carries out a study and consultation on policy measures.

The uncertainty is heightened by the fact that Minister Hogan went ahead and published the review even though the Cabinet Committee didn't meet as scheduled to consider it. Email the Cabinet Committee on Climate Change now to demand they clear up the mess.

In response to emails from campaigners like you the Tánaiste made a welcome statement, just two weeks ago, confirming that the government's aim "is to deliver on climate change legislation in 2012". Minister Hogan's comments seem to contradict that.

Minister for Environment-Phil hogan

Only the Government as a whole can clear up this confusion. With just weeks to go before Minister Hogan represents Ireland at the UN climate talks in Durban we need the Cabinet Committee to meet to agree and announce that a draft climate Bill will be published early next year, as previously indicated.

Please take the email action now and it will make a difference. The 5,000 emails sent two weeks ago produced the positive statement from the Tánaiste. The next 5,000 can get clarity from the Government as a whole.

Thank you for taking action.

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