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"Doubt is our Product"

29 Sep 2011

Many parallels that can be drawn between attempts made by the tobacco industry in the 70's to discredit the science that showed that smoking caused cancer and the current attempts by the fossil fuel industry to discredit the science that shows that climate change is man-made.

The tobacco industry funded private institutes and individuals to create phoney science and disseminate it. This gave the impression that there was a debate where there was none. Many of the same tactics and players are now being used by the fossil fuel industry to try to create doubt around the science of climate change. The hope is that they can cause enough uncertainty around climate change to prevent and delay action.

They employ PR firms to do this for them. Doubt is their product. But don't be fooled, the science is as clear now on climate as it was on tobacco in the 70's. As is pointed out nicely by this video.


You can also listen to Professor Richard Sommerville dispatching Pat Kenny's doubts with panache here.


You can read John Gibbon's related blog on "How to demolish a denier: scientist fillets Pat Kenny."

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