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Sardinia shows the way in global nuclear race

25 May 2011

Sardinia, the people power against nuclear power


The referendum held in Sardinia (Italy) on May 15th on whether to build a nuclear plant in the region, has shown the strength of public opposition to nuclear power. A historic 97% of Sardinians voted No, blowing away the high profile marketing campaign by the Berlusconi administration. Sardinia is a major tourist island for Italy, and the Fukushima tragedy featured heavily in the debate.

Italy had closed all nuclear plants in 1990, but in 2008 the government reversed this decision and announced plans to locate sites for four new nuclear plants. Despite exaggerated and misleading promises of cheap energy, jobs and economic growth if the project was allowed to go ahead in Sardinia, the people emphatically rejected the government's plans, delivering another blow to the global nuclear industry. The decision of the Sardinia people is a victory for the protection of the environment and the safety of millions that could be jeopardised if the project was otherwise realised.

Recently in Germany, a nuclear plant has been cancelled and the German government has reviewed its nuclear plans. Opposition to nuclear power has risen in the wake of the Fukushima tragedy.

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