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This Government must publish a climate bill before Christmas.

30 Nov 2010

Time is running out for this Government to deliver on climate change. The next three weeks will be crucial. The Climate Change Bill was agreed by cabinet on November the 16th. You can read John Gormley's letter to us confirming this here. This is an amazing step forward and is thanks to your amazing campaigning work.

The Government has been promising to publish The Climate Bill for months now and at last there is a very definite deadline. They must publish the bill before Christmas.

It is now most likely that there will be a general election early in the new year. You can read Molly's blog on the Green's in Government here.

If we can get this Government to at least publish this bill then we won't be starting from scratch with the next Government. we'll be contacting you a lot over the next few weeks as week keep intense pressure on this Government to deliver on climate before they leave. Please email the Greens and tell them you want a climate bill before Christmas.






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