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Irish greenhouse gas emissions drop by over 7%

22 Oct 2010

Irish emission dropped between 2008 and 2009

Reduction the result of recession rather than any climate policy.

The EPA today published the figures for Ireland's emissions in 2009, which show a sharp reduction on figures from 2008. A large part of the reduction is as a result of the decrease in cement production and transport, although all polluting sectors have come down.

Commenting on todays figures Friends of the Earth Policy Officer Molly Walsh said
"This sharp decrease in emissions is not the result of wise climate policy but rather of unwise economic policy. Having a recession is not a substitute for having a solid framework for climate policy."

"Mary Kelly of the EPA is rightly calling for us to embed these reductions in the future of the economy. The only way to do this is by putting in place the climate legislation that has been promised for over a year now." Concluded Molly Walsh.

Despite this dramatic reduction Ireland's emissions are still well above the European average per capita. We are also still overshooting our Kyoto target, a sign of how much our pollution levels had increased since 1990.


1. The EPA press release is here,30406,en.html
2. Irish emissions per capita are down from 17 tonnes per person to 14 tonnes, still above the EU average of 10 tonnes per capita.
3. The renewed Programme for Government ( agreed last October included a commitment on climate legislation.
4. The Taoiseach speaking in the Dail last week said work on the Bill was at "an advanceded stage"



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