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Taoiseach tells Dail he expects Government Climate Bill "soon"

13 Oct 2010

The Taoiseach has rarely spoken publicly about the promised Climate Change Bill, but on Wednesday he told the Dail that work on the Bill was at "an advanceded stage" and would be agreed and published "soon". In their press release welcoming the Oireachtas Committee Bill Ministers Gormley and Cuffe say "in the very near future".

From the Order of Business in the Dáil on Wednesday 13th October (from

Deputy Eamon Gilmore:


Second, I refer to the climate change Bill listed in section C of the Government's legislative programme and for which heads have yet to be approved by the Cabinet. In July 2009, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government announced that Government approval had been given for the drafting of a climate change Bill. At that time, he stated that it was hoped to have the Bill published in advance of the Copenhagen conference to be held in December 2009. The aforementioned Bill appears to be a long way yet from being drafted or prepared. Heads have not been prepared and it is one of the few Bills on the entire legislative list for which no indicative publication date is being given. Later today, the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security will publish its own draft Bill on climate change, based on work carried out by my colleague, Deputy McManus. Given that the Government, and the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in particular, are keen on having a consensual approach to matters of national importance and that the Government is not in a position as yet to produce its own Bill, will the Government accept the Bill that has all-party agreement on the Oireachtas joint committee and that is to be published later today? This would mean the important matter of climate change would be addressed in the House and that a climate change Bill would be debated and hopefully enacted by it?

The Taoiseach:


On the question regarding the climate change Bill, the heads, which will set out the proposed structure and provisions of the Bill in greater detail, are at an advanced stage and I expect them to be brought before the Government soon. Following their approval by the Government, the heads will provide the basis for full stakeholder consultation on the proposed provisions of the Bill. A framework for the climate change Bill was provided for last October [it was December actually] and was presented prior to the Copenhagen conference.

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