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Friends of the Earth Earth Day Gig

6 Apr 2010

Friends of the Earth - Earth Day GigIn celebration of Earth Day, Friends of the Earth to host The Mother of All Gigs

Friends of the Earth is delighted to announce that it will be marking the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with an exclusive live music event in Whelan's, on Thursday 22nd April.


Presented by Turning Pirate, The Friends of the Earth Earth Day party line up includes

Our Little Secrets

Lisa Hannigan

Gavin Glass

The Ambience Affair


Edmond Enright

The Whelan's gig celebrating Earth Day is in support of Friends of the Earth's work to make sure Ireland does its fair share to contain climate change. Friends of the Earth is calling for a strong climate change law, with no loopholes, that makes the Government's commitment to cut emissions by 33% by 2020 legally binding.

Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan said:
"We're thrilled to have such a great line up for this year's Friends of the Earth Earth Day gig. Earth Day is a chance to celebrate humanity's only home and to build the movement to protect it for future generations.

"The biggest challenge we face is containing climate change. If everyone polluted like the Irish we'd need three planets. This Earth Day we'll be redoubling our efforts to make sure the climate law we've persuaded the Government to prepare is one we can all be proud of."


Lisa_Hannigan_FoETickets €15 ON SALE NOW from WAV 1890 2000 78 or


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