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Run, jog or walk the Women's Mini Marathon in aid of Friends of the Earth

2 Mar 2010

Good for you, Good for the Planet Mini Marathon

Official registration for this year's Flora Mini Marathon opens Wednesday 3rd March 2010. We are asking our supporters to join Friends of the Earth staff members Michelle and JoAnne to run, jog or walk the Flora Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin on Bank Holiday Monday, June 7th 2010, to help raise vital funds for Friends of the Earth.

It is a fun, feel good event, suitable for women of all ages over 14 and all fitness levels and we'll support you every step of the way with:

  • A Friends of the Earth Sponsorship pack
  • Fitness and Training advice
  • Sponsorship made easy with
  • Friends of the Earth t-shirt to wear with pride on the day
  • Information about Friends of the Earth and our campaign to help you fundraise
  • Regular team updates from Michelle and JoAnne to help keep you motivated
  • Friends of the Earth will be there on the day to cheer you on and celebrate your achievement!

By raising money for Friends of the Earth, you'll be making a tremendous difference to your future and many peoples future all around the world.

Read more about our work here


Pair of TrainersFundraising for Friends of the Earth

The Earth's environment is our home. We need to look after it. But we're facing some big threats. Our climate is changing, and natural systems and species are being wiped out at a frightening rate. What's more, it's the world's poorest people who get the worst of it. Friends of the Earth can help change that. We rely on the support of individuals to make our work possible, so thank you for considering running the mini marathon for us which will not only promote the work we do but also help fund the vital campaigns that allow us to make a difference.


Where your money goes
will go towards ensuring every TD in the country get visited by their local constituents on the need for a strong climate law.
€150 could help set up a Friends of the Earth group to campaign locally for a strong climate law and on threats to their local environment.
€250 could pay for work shops that would inspire young people with ways they can protect our planet for the future.
€500 could help produce vital research that will influence government policies to ensure Ireland produces world class climate protection legalisation by the end of this year and does its fair share to stop runaway climate change.

It all adds up
Every €1 you give to Friends of the Earth adds up to change.
84c goes directly to research and campaigning
13c helps to generate more funds and build membership
3c meets the essential costs of governance and regulatory procedures

When you add them all up, every single cent makes a difference.


We ask that you aim to raise a minimum of €150 in sponsorship for the mini marathon. Online sponsorship formsare an easy and efficient way to raise money via the internet. They widen the group of people that you can ask for sponsorship and can be a great way to avoid chasing people for sponsorship money after your event.

Set up your own fundraising page here and start raising funds for Friends of the Earth straight away. Just add a message, upload a photo and email all your friends and colleagues about the great event you are doing. There is no need to collect money directly off people as everything is done online. So all you need to do is register your official entry for the Flora Mini Marathon and send everyone you know our personal fundraising link, it's amazing how quickly you will meet your target, or even go over it.


Volunteer and cheer-on the Friend of the Earth in your life!

So, your Y chromosome is stopping you from participating in the mini-marathon for Friends of the Earth. Don't worry, you can get involved by volunteering to 'man' our water stations or just come along to make some noise and cheer us on! Contact JoAnne to get involved

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