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Mountmellick Environment Group meet local TD as part of Friends of the Earth Climate Law Campaign

11 Aug 2009

MEG and John Moloney TDMountmellick Environment Group (MEG), members of Friends of the Earth and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition have been actively supporting the Big Ask campaign over the last few months. Over 100 postcards were signed by local people and MEG members presented these cards to their local TD, John Moloney, Minister of State for Children and Health, on Thursday 6th August 2009. Minister Moloney while not being very involved in the climate change issue, up to now, is very convinced of the importance of having it addressed and advanced. He was most supportive of the points raised by the MEG members and promised to do all in his power to ensure that the commitment of the Government to introduce a Climate Bill would not get lost. This commitment included putting it forward as an agenda item for the next Parliamentary Party meeting.

The conversation also covered the empowerment of local groups as a tool to advancing issues and also developing sustainability from the ground up. We need more people to visit their TD's. If you are interested in becoming involved with Friends of the Earth in your local area contact JoAnne O'Donovan, or 01-6394652.

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