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The Age of Stupid is coming to Ireland

26 Mar 2009

petep2The Age of Stupid is the new film from McLibel director Franny Armstrong. It stars Pete Postlethwaite as a man living alone in the devastated future world of 2055, looking back at "archive" footage from 2007 and asking why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance.

BuyTicketsfor the benefit premiere on Friday April 3rd in the IFI, Dublin.

The film opens in the IFI on Friday 3rd April with a benefit premiere in association with Friends of the Earth. Tickets are €20 and include a wine reception at 7.45pm and a discussion with the film's producer Lizzie Gillett after the screening at 8.25pm.

Join us for what we hope will be a turning point in the fight against climate change. . BOOK NOW ONLINE.

The film makes a powerful case for acting fast to secure a safe climate future and Friends of the Earth are working alongside the makers of Age of Stupid to ensure this film gets the attention it deserves.

The Irish Film Institute are screening the Age of Stupid from 3rd-9th of April in association with Friends of the Earth. Before the final screening on Thursday 9th April there'll a panel discussion upstairs in the IFI at 5.45 called "Not Stupid: Rising to the Climate Challenge" chaired by Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan, and including Senator Ivana Bacik, Irish Times columnist John Gibbons, and journalist Victoria White.Vegas sign

Reviews of The Age of Stupid:

""It is a captivating and constantly surprising film: the first successful dramatisation of climate change to reach the big screen". George Monbiot, journalist and author of 'Heat'

"I hate this film. I felt as if I was watching all my own excuses for not doing anything about climate change being stripped away from me. And it's tender and funny and wise as well.Can I just pretend I never saw it?" William Nicholson, Oscar-nominated writer of Shadowlands and Gladiator

"The message, never stated but constantly emerging, is that we all have our self-justifying myths. We tell ourselves a story of our lives in which we almost always appear as the heroes. These myths prevent us from engaging with climate change" The Guardian. Read full review here.

"Predictions from exctinction movie already happening in real life." The Sun. Read full review here.

Come and see for yourself. BOOK NOW ONLINE.

Visit The Age of Stupid website for more information on the film.

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