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Dino goes to the Dail to make the polluter pay

10 Oct 2008

Join the Dino outside the Dáil at 1pm next Tuesday, Budget Day.

Dino in SloveniaLet's make the polluter pay. Tax the carbon dinosaurs.

Friends of the Earth's Carbon Dinosaur will be going to the Dail for the Budget next Tuesday with the clear message that it's time to make the polluter pay for Ireland's spiralling carbon emissions. Government inaction means right now the taxpayer faces a €700 million bill over the next five years for Ireland's Kyoto overshoot. And no matter how much you do to reduce your carbon footprint your taxes will still be wasted on buying pollution permits overseas. Much better to put a clear, fair, price on carbon that rewards those who reduce their footprint and penalises the Carbon Dinosaurs who continue to pollute profligately.

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