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Ben and Jerry's back our polar bear appeal

10 Oct 2008

Baked Alaska ice creamSupport our campaign and get €2 off Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Ben and Jerry's like our Polar Bear Appeal so much they're giving everyone donates €15 or more a voucher for €2 off their Baked Alaska ice cream. Money from the sale of Baked Alaska funds their climate change college and as you can see in the picture the tub highlights the plight of the polar bears. We particularly like the "If its melted, it's ruined" line.

So donate €15 now and we'll send you your Ben and Jerry's voucher.

While the socially concious ice cream company from Vermont loves our campaign Governor Sarah Palin couldn't be reached for comment. She is, of course, suing the US Government to prevent them putting the polar bear on the endangered species list, so perhaps she prefers half-baked Alaska.


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