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Climate Activists disrupt Ryanair AGM

23 Sep 2008

Plane Mad action at Ryanair AGM

A new group called Plane Mad were launched recently. The group are campaigning for responsible use of aviation.

On Thursday the 18th of September, Plane Mad disrupted the AGM of Ryanair at the Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport. Plane Mad entered the AGM as shareholders and challenged Michael O'Leary's denial of climate change at the podium. Meanwhile a banner was dropped from the roof and balcony of the hotel that read 'Lyin'Air.con' while 'Eco-clowns' juggled wearing Pinocchio noses to represent the lies being told by Michael O Leary.

Members of Plane Mad entered the meeting as shareholders and told Michael O'Leary directly that he was lying about climate change. The campaigner told the AGM that he was campaigning for the responsible use of aviation. He also stated that aviation enjoys unfair tax breaks and that aviation would negate all other reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland if current growth continues.

A briefing was distributed in the AGM from a mysterious 'M. O'Liary' outlining a climate change denial strategy, apparently already being rolled out.

A banner that read "Lyin Air" in the Rynair livery was dropped from the roof of the hotel. Finding the conditions a bit windy the activist moved the banner to a balcony at the front of the building, where it remained for half an hour.

A pair of "Eco-Clowns" turned up near the banner and juggled for a while. The clowns were wearing Pinocchio noses to represent the lies being told by Michael O Leary.

One of the 'Eco-clowns', Ian Clotworthy, said 'O'Leary is clearly misleading the public to try to protect his profits. Ask any scientific institution from NASA to MET Eireann and they will tell you climate change is real. Climate change can't be denied anymore and neither can aviation's contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions that cause it'.


The action was designed to draw attention to denial of climate change by the CEO of Ryanair in recent press and radio statements. Plane Mad believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. The group believes that there are solutions to this challenge and that we need to face them head on as soon as possible.
One of the campaigners at the airport, Tara Sheehy said, 'By dismissing the clearly proven link between man-made emissions and our changing climate, Michael O Leary is running from the truth. Sticking our heads in the sand and trying to deny that there is a problem will not make climate change go away. Michael O Leary claims not to be "a cloud bunny", its time then for him to come down to earth about the science of climate change and admit to the damage his airline is causing.'

'By pioneering the cheap flights model Ryanair have been responsible for a significant proportion of the massive growth in the aviation industry. Aviation is currently the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases. While governments and individuals are gearing up to tackle their carbon emissions it is necessary to accept the reality that flying is the most polluting form of transport.'

'Climate change is happening now. It is negatively affecting the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Aviation is the fastest growing contributor to it. Trying to claim anything else is just plane mad.'

See video footage taken by a Ryanair shareholder

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