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Scientists warn of risk of 4 degrees of warming

7 Aug 2008

According to a front page story in today's London Guardian leading British scientists are warning that we should be preparing for global warming of 4 degrees centigrade. The Guardian's science editor writes:

"Globally, a 4C temperature rise would have a catastrophic impact. According to the [UK] government's 2006 Stern review on the economics of climate change, between 7 million and 300 million more people would be affected by coastal flooding each year, there would be a 30-50% reduction in water availability in Southern Africa and the Mediterranean, agricultural yields would decline 15 to 35% in Africa and 20 to 50% of animal and plant species would face extinction.

In the UK, the most significant impact would be rising sea levels and inland flooding. Climate modellers also predict there would be an increase in heavy rainfall events in winter and drier summers."

Read the full story.

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