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Labour launch new policy on biofuels

17 Jul 2008

The Labour Party Launched a policy paper on the 17th of July, with a statement from their Energy spokesperson Liz McManus, TD:


"The Labour Party is presenting this position paper on biofuels at this
time because we are deeply concerned at the inability of the Government to
form a coherent policy on the fuel/food debate that has been driven by
rising food shortages, particularly in the poor regions of the world.

The recent report from a World Bank economist found that biofuels caused
75% of the rise in food prices from January 2002 to February 2008. This
report and similar reports from the IMF can no longer be ignored by the
Irish government. The dash to biofuels has proved premature and damaging.
As we have seen internationally, biofuels are widely blamed for mass
deforestation, global food prices hikes and water shortages. "

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