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Public talks in Kerry on energy crisis, starting Fri 24th March

16 Mar 2006

"The Heresy of 'Business as Usual"

The Looming Energy Crisis and How We Can Deal With It

Síol Chíarraí / Friends of the Earth South Kerry are very pleased to announce a series of talks in Killarney by internationally renowned speakers analysing the looming energy crisis and offering practical suggestions of how we as individuals, communities and nations can address these crucial issues. The venue for all events is KDYS Killarney Youth Centre, next to the Franciscan Friary, in the centre of Killarney. The talks are free of charge though any donations will be appreciated. All are welcome are to attend.

Friday, 24th March @ 7.30 pm "Ireland in the Second Half of the Age of Oil" by Dr. Colin Campbell

Saturday, 22nd April @ 2pm "Lean Energy: A Grand Strategy for the Future of Energy" by David Fleming

Thursday 25th May @ 8 pm "Peak Opportunity - Food, Energy andCommunity" by Graham Strauts

Renowned geologist and founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) Dr. Colin Campbell whose brilliant book "The Oil Crisis" was published recently will give the first lecture. "Ireland in the Second Half of the Age of Oil" will address the issue of Peak Oil, the underlying geological reality, the confused reporting of reserves, and the impact on Ireland together with some suggested ways in which we can react.

Economist David Fleming's presentation "Lean Energy: A Grand Strategy for the Future of Energy" coincides with World Earth Day. Grand strategy is the art of getting intended results and avoiding unintended ones. You don't achieve a grand strategy by doing the obvious thing. Ireland is facing an energy problem much worse than is generally recognised, but effective responses are there to be invented. This evening's discussion of unexpected energy solutions considers how this could happen. - This event is jointly organised with Cultivate - The Centre for Sustainability in Dublin.

Graham Strouts, Co-ordinator of the Practical Sustainability Course will speak on "Peak Opportunity - Food, Energy and Community". The world is reaching a turning point. Having created a society almost completely dependent on cheap fossil fuels for nearly every aspect of its economy, we our now facing an uncertain future with rising fuel prices, shortages and eventually rationing. In this talk, Graham will explain why the crisis is happening and what communities around the world are doing to prepare. He will discuss the approach offered by Permaculture, a system of sustainable design, and talk about the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan. - This series of events is not to be missed!

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