• August 16, 2022

What can I do

JOE 1-cycle1. Get on your bike!

Cycle to work, school or college. If you drive or get a lift somewhere you produce a lot more carbon dioxide emissions than if you cycle and produce none! Cycling is also a great fun way to get exercise and stay fit. Walking is good too but not as fast!

JOE 2-energy2. Change to a green energy provider

Changing to a green electricity provider like airtricty means that the electricity that powers your home will be 100% from renewables, instead of from the burning of coal and peat in power stations. Its easy, you just need to call them and ask them to change you over, they don't even have to come out and fit anything special to your house. So convince your family or housemates to have clean, green energy in your home.

JOE 3-Consume3. Consume less

Every gadget, toy, magazine or piece of clothing that you buy has had an impact on the environment just by being made. The energy to make products almost certainly comes from the burning of the fossil fuels that cause greenhouse gas emissions. Then products have to travel long distances, often half way accross the world to get to us. Be happy with the important things in life, most of them aren't made in factories. Buy what you need rather than everything you want.

JOE 4-tree4. Plant a tree

Trees are great becasue they actually absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as wood in their trunks, branches and roots. Trees look great too and provide shelter and homes for wildlife. And it feels good to get close to soil and nature by planting something.

JOE 5-fly-less5. Pledge to Fly less

Flying is the most damaging form of transport for the atmosphere. Flying is the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gases in Ireland. Go to www.lowflyzone.org and pledge to be free from flying for a year.

JOE 6-vegetrian6. Become a vegetarian

Cows are responsible for a big part of Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions. This is because in Ireland we have a big national herd and all cows fart a lot. Their farts contain methane which is a very powerful grenhouse gas, many times more warming than CO2. It also takes many times more energy to produce the same amount of calories from meat as it does from plants. Being a vegetarian or eating less meat means you are using less of the world's precious food resources.

JOE 7-veg-patch7. Grow you own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables means that your food doesn't have to be transported long distances from the farm to supermarket and then from the supermarket to your house. If you grow the vegetables yourself then you can be sure that you are not eating pesticides or other chemicals that might be sprayed on your food.

JOE 8-talk8. Talk about Climate Change

Talk to your friends and family about how important climate change is. Explain how our pollution is making the lives of poorer people even more dificult than they already are. Don't be shy, your opinion on this is as valid as anyone elses. Read books and websites and educate yourself to better answer peoples questions.

JOE 9-write-to..9. Write to politicians

Email or write to your TDS and local councilers. Tell that them you think Ireland needs to do its fair share to help prevent runaway climate change. Tell them that it is an issue that is important to you and that you would consider this issue when choosing who to vote for.

JOE 10-Set-up10. Set up a campaign group

Get together any other people that you know who are interested and start to campaign locally on climate change. Put up posters and hold regular meetings. Decide together the best way that your group can get Ireland to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution.

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