• August 16, 2022

Web links

Friends of the Earth Ireland

http://www.foe.ie/ - Friends of the Earth are an environmental NGO in Ireland campaigning mostly on climate change. Friends of the Earth in England recently successfully campaigned for a climate law to be brought in in their country. This site is a good place to get up to date climate news and to check out how you can get involved with Friends of the Earth campaigns and activities.


http://www.cultivate.ie/ - Cultivate is a cente for sustainable living and learning in temple bar in Dublin. Their mission is to provide people and communities with the tools to communicate the environmental crises we face and how to cope with them while building communities. Check out this site to see what events are coming up in the centre and see what cool stuff they are selling in the shop. And after going to the website you might want to check out the place for real and browse the shop or have tea in the nice courtyard.


http://www.climatechange.ie/ - This is a great site from columnist John Gibbons who writes for the Irish Times every Thursday. Go here to read his blog on climate change in Ireland or to watch the some of the good videos his has up.

The Big Ask

http://www.thebigask.eu/ - The big ask is a European wide campaign to get governments to put plans for protecting the climate into law. politicians make promises all the time but many of them can't see past the next news cycle or next election in terms of the actions they take. To make permanent lasting cuts Friends of the Earth believe we need a law. Check out what countries are involved and see how radiohead are committed to reducing their own carbon footprint as well as backing the calls for climate legislation.

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