• August 16, 2022


kilmanjaroTanzania is an East African country on the Indian Ocean. It is bordered by Kenya to the north and Mozambique to the south. Tanzania has been a country since 1964, when the former British colony of Tanganyika merged with the islands of Zanzibar.

The country is very well endowed with an amazing natural heritage. There is the famous, Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast on the border with Kenya. The Great Rift Valley runs through central Tanzania and is where the first evidence of our species has been found. Tanzania is also home to the Serengeti where herds of wildebeest famously migrate many miles each year to find new pastures.

Mount Kilmanjaro in Tanzania has become a famous image of a changing climate. The ice cap has decreased 82% since it first began being measured in 1912. Glaciers all over the world are decreasing as a direct result of climate change. There is some debate among scientist however about what exactly is causing the glacier to retreat on Mount Kilimanjaro. It could be as a direct result of warmer climates or it could be more indirectly due to drier winds as a result of the general drying trend that is being seen in Africa at the minute. When drier winds whip across the mountain this sucks all the moisture out of the glacier and thus decreases its size.

One of the poorest countries in Africa Tanzania is particularly vulnerable to climate shocks such as droughts. Severe drought in 2005 led to a bad harvests and a serious food crisis in 2006. A rapid vulnerability assessment by government, non-governmental organisations and UN agencies in January 2006 found 3.7 million people needed food assistance - up from 600,000 in September 2005, just before the drought began. This drought was almost certainly as a result of human induced climate change. And these droughts will get worse if we keep polluting the atmosphere and making climate change worse

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