• August 16, 2022


MozambiqueMozambique, is a country in southeastern Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the west, and South Africa to the southwest.

Mozambique is not an affluent country. Like so many African countries most of the population is rural and agriculturally dependant. In 1990 Mozambique was the poorest country in the world according to the World Bank.

Between 1977 and 1992 up to a million Mozambicans died from fighting and famine in a civil war that ruined the economy and much of the countryside. As a result of this civil war Mozambique is one of the most land mined countries in the world.

A political settlement in 1992 was followed by stability and rapid economic growth for one of the world's poorest countries. Great strides in development have since been made.

However, it just seemed like the country was getting back on its feet when climate change struck! The country was hit by floods which affected about a quarter of the population and destroyed much of its infrastructure. The floods affect people in many different negative ways. First off they can kill people directly through drowning. Then there is the problem of crocodile infested waters like the river Zambezi, when these waters expand in times of flood then crocodile infested waters expand as well. The vast swirling floodwaters have a very sinister effect that lasts long after the floodwaters have receded. That is a disturbance and of displacement of the many landmines that plague this country.

In 2002, a severe drought hit many central and southern parts of the country, including previously flood-stricken areas.

For people in a country so vulnerable and close to poverty having to deal with climate change that is being caused mostly by us in the more developed world seems harshly unfair.

We need to act now so that Ireland does its fair share to cut greenhouse gas emissions and push for a global deal that could keep global warming to within 2 degrees of an increase.

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