• July 05, 2022

Calculate your carbon footprint

Answer the questions below to work out your total annual carbon emissions in tonnes.

Your carbon footprint is

tonnes of CO2 per year

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Heating your home

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Heating your water

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Powering your home

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Transport and Commuting

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Air Travel

How many return flights, per year, do you take to the following destinations: how many flights have you taken in the last two years. Enter the number in boxes below

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Your Carbon Footprint

Source of emissions - measured in tonnes of CO2 per year
Heating your home:
Heating your hot water:
Powering your home:
Total emissions from your home:
Land transport:
Air flights:
Total emissions from transport:
Total emissions from food:
Your Total Direct Emissions:
Your indirect emissions resulting from goods and services:
Your share of national infrastructure emissions: 1.70
Your Total Annual Emissions of Carbon Dioxide:

Compare to:

The Global Fair Share - 2.5 tonnes

The Malawi Average - 0.7 tonnes

The Zambia Average - 2.6 tonnes

The Irish Average - 17.5 tonnes

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