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Friends of the Earth. Somewhere to stand.

Dear friend,

Climate change is the defining challenge of our age. Right now, the poorest people on the planet, who have done least to cause climate change, are already feeling its impact. Ultimately, the survival of human civilization is at stake. According to the scientists the choices humanity makes in the next five years will decide the outcome. Give me somewhere to stand and I will move the earth, Archimedes said. We need to move the world and its leaders. Nothing less than a transformation of our economy and society will prevent climate chaos. This is our generation's anti-slavery campaign, our generation's suffragette movement, our generation's anti-apartheid movement, all rolled into one. Join the campaign for a safe climate. Join the movement for climate justice. Join Friends of the Earth. Somewhere to stand.

Thank you,

Oisin's Signature

Oisín Coghlan

P.S. Please join by direct debit donation of €7 a month or more and we'll send you your Friends of the Earth membership pin - to show your part in making this organization and our shared campaign goals possible. If direct debit doesn't suit you, you can make a donation right now online to support our climate campaign.


donatenow_savethebearWhere your money goes

€100 will go towards ensuring every TD in the country get visited by their local constituents on the need for a strong climate law.
€150 could help set up a Friends of the Earth group to campaign locally for a strong climate law and on threats to their local environment.
€250 could pay for work shops that would inspire young people with ways they can protect our planet for the future.
€500 could help produce vital research that will influence government policies to ensure Ireland produces world class climate protection legalisation by the end of this year and does its fair share to stop runaway climate change.
It all adds up

Every €1 you give to Friends of the Earth adds up to change.
goes directly to research and campaigning
13c helps to generate more funds and build membership
3c meets the essential costs of governance and regulatory procedures

When you add them all up, every single cent makes a difference. Please give as generously as you can

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