Next Book Club Event: Public Conversation with author Pádraic Fogarty

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Join our next book club event - a public conversation with Pádraic Fogarty on his book 'Whittled Away, Ireland's Vanishing Nature'.

Common Ground Bray on May 30th from 7pm to 9pm

"In Whittled Away: Ireland’s Vanishing Nature, Pádraic Fogarty explains how mass species extinction has become part of our common dialogue as our demands expand beyond ecological limits. In 2012, the World Wildlife Fund reported that less than half the number of animals now exist on Earth than in 1970. Freshwater species alone declined more than 81 per cent in that time.

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Decentralised Organising by David McMullin

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Friends of the Earth supported this training in decentralised organising in mid April. David Mc Mullin, member of Young Friends of the Earth, Not Here Not Anywhere and also member of the Friends of the Earth board has written this article to tell us all about it.

"What, you might ask, is decentralised organising? Some groups might say they operate with less hierarchy and more collaboration, or that they are aiming to cooperate and avoid the kinds of toxic power structures seen in so many organisations. At the end of the day we see various terms referring to similar things - many groups, including voluntary organisations, NGOs and business, want to organise themselves without bosses while maximising inclusion, participation, mutual care, trust and productivity.

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Making Them Listen: Talking to MEP candidates about Climate

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Only once every 5 years we get a chance to elect candidates that will speak for Ireland in the European Parliament. And this chance is critical. We have just 11 years to dramatically lower our greenhouse gas emissions in order to stay below a 1.5C. We must ensure our elected MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) have climate on their agenda.

Your voice counts - you can to make them listen!

Your vote counts - vote for MEP's strong on climate!

Join us next Tuesday, April 30th in The Carmelite Centre, Dublin at 6pm - 8pm for 'Making them Listen: A workshop on talking to politicians'.

Register on Eventbrite here.

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Shop and Drop is driving the agenda!

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Shop And Drop Supermarket Spree has officially been launched!

This community-led wave of on-going supermarket action kicked off on Saturday April 13th. Instead of having a single centrally-organised day of action - we’re asking communities, groups and individuals to continue the action until supermarkets implement further changes to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging. And it's starting to have an impact already!

Oisín, Friends of the Earth Director, was invited to join the Claire Byrne Live panel on Monday night along with Repak, to discuss plastic packaging.

You can catch up here at this link.

Oisin on Claire Byrne Live April 2019

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Shop and Drop Supermarket Spree launches this weekend!

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Christchurch Wouter

Tomorrow, Saturday April 13th, is the big day - we’re launching the next wave of action on supermarket plastic packaging!

57 local actions with over 330 individuals have registered on the Sick of Plastic online platform, ready to Shop and Drop from this weekend.

The action is easy – anyone can take part!

Just do your grocery shop as normal but remove the excess plastic from your purchases after payment and place unwanted plastic in the bins provided in-store.

We now have 17,000 names on our plastic petition but want to hit 20,000 after this weekend. Groups all across the country will be collecting signatures outside supermarkets - and you can help gather signatures too!

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Sick of Plastic concerned about Lidl recycling bins

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Aldi Cork

Supermarket chain Lidl has unveiled new in-store bins for unwanted packaging just days before the second ‘Shop and Drop’ day of action on supermarket packaging.

The Sick of Plastic Campaign, which runs the Shop and Drop initiative, has welcomed Lidl’s engagement but has raised concerns that their new bins conflict with the Government’s advice on what to put in our recycling bins.

The three stream recycling station which Lidl are planning to install in supermarkets across Ireland conflicts with My Waste Ireland’s new recycling list, which Minister Bruton advocated for as part of a campaign to reduce contamination in recycling bins.

Claudia from the Sick of Plastic campaign commented:

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Youth Voices on MEP Climate Action

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"If climate isn't on your agenda, you shouldn't be running at all" - just one of the messages delivered to MEP candidates at the event hosted at Europe House this week.

On April 9th, the Irish office of the European Parliament was packed with people who came to hear young people speak about what they want to see MEP candidates do to tackle the climate crisis if elected. Two panels of young people took centre stage with MEP candidates sat in the audience and listened to them. The lively and moving event featured on RTE's Nine O’Clock News - watch it back at this link.


Sick of Plastic Campaign launches ‘Shop and Drop Spree’ demanding that supermarkets act on plague of plastic packaging

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Step 1; Come together

One year on from the nationwide day of action which saw thousands of shoppers leave their unwanted plastic packaging behind in supermarkets, the Sick of Plastic Campaign is launching a new wave of action, kicking off on April 13th.

This year Sick of Plastic is encouraging people to mobilise their local communities and organise ongoing shop and drops at their local supermarket. Saturday April 13th is the nationwide kick-off event, marking the beginning of community-led supermarket actions.

Claudia Tormey, from the Sick of Plastic Campaign, commented:

“Last year’s action really grabbed supermarkets’ attention, but they haven’t made enough lasting changes, and people are frustrated.

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Join us for 'Loud & Clear' - Youth Voices on EU Climate Action ahead of 2019 MEP Elections!

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ON NOW (1)

On Tuesday April 9th, a host of young people from a variety of climate action groups will take centre stage in the offices of the European Parliament in Dublin. They'll be talking about what they want to see from prospective candidates for the 2019 European Parliament elections on climate. The elections will take place in Ireland on May 24th.

The event is completely free - so get your ticket now!


(*tickets are limited, so please only reserve one if you intend on coming!)

Young activists from the following groups will take centre stage:

  • School Strikes 4 Climate
  • Fridays for Future
  • Not Here Not Anywhere
  • Young Friends of the Earth
  • The new DCU Climate Change Masters Programme
  • And a member of our own team who is exploring European investment in fossil fuels

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Cross-party negotiations deliver 'Good Friday Agreement' for climate action.

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JOCCA report small cover

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the landmark report of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action, published on Thursday evening.Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan said

"The Oireachtas has given the Government an historic mandate for serious climate action.

"This is the Good Friday Agreement for Irish climate action. It is a cross-party deal to drive policy and measures to cut pollution across all sectors of the economy and society.

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