For the Love of ...Solar Schools

Issued in campaign actions.

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Please change the planning exemptions so that schools and community buildings can install solar panels, without the added expense of seeking planning permission. You are now 14 months delayed in introducing this simple change to the planning regulations, and it is having a stalling effect on all school and community solar installations.

Let's talk community energy! Webinar and book launch

Issued in the blog on November 30, 2020 at 11:36:00.

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Join us for a webinar this week! We'll be launching this stunning handbook for communities from Friends of the Earth Europe, and and exploring the opportunities for Irish communities in the energy transition in 2021 with Minister Eamon Ryan.  

Community energy is key to action on the climate crisis, boosting local economies, and reinvigorating communities. We’ve been campaigning for clean, community energy for a long time. It’s been a tough battle at times but things are finally starting to look bright!

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TD Lobby for Faster and Fairer Climate Action

Issued in the blog on November 24, 2020 at 18:06:00.

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Join Ireland’s biggest online TD Lobby for Faster and Fairer Climate Action!

Talking to your TDs is a powerful way to act on the climate crisis and right now there is so much to talk about.

If 1000+ people across Ireland meet their TDs online it will have a serious effect on how our government acts on climate.

So, are you up for it?

You'll be supported by Stop Climate Chaos and people in your local area.

You don't need to be an expert, you just need to turn up!

How does it work?

1. Register for the TD Lobby by clicking here. This will let you receive a Zoom link that you can use to join the lobby on the day.

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Climate Bill’s ambition must be increased and loopholes closed

Issued in news on November 16, 2020 at 18:06:00.

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On the eve of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action's first meeting to discuss their recommendations to Minister Eamon Ryan on Climate Bill, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition publish key demands informed by new expert testimony.


The Stop Climate Chaos coalition of over 40 civil society organisations today published its recommendations for amendments to the draft Climate Action Bill [1,2]. The Coalition's recommendations have been informed by the testimony of over a dozen expert witnesses, who came before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action (JOCCA) in recent weeks.

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Little Island Books and Friends of the Earth join forces to crowdfund for an eco-friendly climate book for teens

Issued in news on November 09, 2020 at 11:52:00.


Press release

Issued by Friends of the Earth and Little Island Books

Embargoed until 00.01am, Monday 9th November 2020




Little Island Books and Friends of the Earth join forces to crowdfund for an eco-friendly climate book for teens

The book by bestselling Irish author Oisín McGann combines climate science with an empowering & positive message for young readers.


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We’re making a kid’s book about climate!

Issued in the blog on November 09, 2020 at 09:51:00.


We have some exciting news to share with you!

Together with Little Island book publishers, Ashley House printers and author Oisín McGann, we’re going to make Ireland’s most eco friendly children’s book titled; “A Short and Hopeful Guide to Climate Change”. And we need your help!

Today we’re launching a crowdfunder to raise €15,000!

All funds raised through this campaign will go directly into making this book. When the books hit bookshop shelves in the new year 10% of book sales will be donated to Friends of the Earth to support our work on climate. Can you donate to help make this happen?

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Climate justice webinar: watch it back + some more opportunities for learning and action

Issued in the blog on October 30, 2020 at 15:49:00.

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On Wednesday 28th October, we hosted a webinar to explore the concept of climate justice. Climate justice is a term that has been bandied around a lot lately - but we wanted to dig into what it really means. We’ve recorded the webinar so you can watch it back at your leisure. It’s just over an hour in length and comes highly recommended as we had some excellent speakers and panellists from the world of climate justice, who joined us to talk about their work and activism.

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Explore our Climate Justice Read and Watch List

Issued in the blog on October 23, 2020 at 17:00:00.

FB Explore our Climate Justice Read

Ahead of our webinar on Climate Justice on Wednesday, 28th October (which you can now watch back here) we compiled a read and watch list on climate justice that we’d love you to explore! So as the days draw shorter, why not curl up with a hot drink and pick something to read or watch from this list - it's got a bunch of articles, videos and even a documentary film on the subject of climate justice. A few weeks after Wednesday's webinar, we'll organise a more in-depth workshop to explore the ideas that unpin climate justice in more detail. Exploring our read and watch list would be good preparation for that event too.

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Close the loopholes in the Climate Bill

Issued in the blog on October 23, 2020 at 16:14:00.

FB  E-action Close the loopholes

It’s hard to believe but Ireland could have a strong climate law before the year is out.

For the first time ever - and after years of campaigning - this is actually a distinct possibility. But - and this is what fills me with dread - there’s also a chance that this climate law could end up unfit for purpose.

Friends of the Earth, working with our partners in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, have identified some very concerning loopholes in the climate law’s draft text. Loopholes that could undermine the law’s ability to drive emission reductions.

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Climate Justice: A discussion

Issued in the blog on October 16, 2020 at 12:48:00.

Climate Justice webinarb28 oct

Climate justice is a term that has been bandied around a lot lately. But do we really understand what it means? And when we use the term, are we really upholding the principles of climate justice? Despite its recent popularity, climate justice is not a new term. The ideas that underpin climate justice in its original sense have been developed over decades by social movements such as environmental justice, trade justice and peasant movements. Key climate justice concepts such as ”climate debt” and “equity” have been developed and refined, largely by movements in the Global South - often with pushback from the Global North. With that in mind we’re hosting a webinar at 6pm on 28th October to examine the meaning of climate justice. You can join us by registering for the webinar here

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