Call on Ireland to propose a UN ban on fracking

Issued in campaign actions.

2258-ireland-bans-fracking_90516309-390x285 - Ireland bans fracking (

Join the call for Ireland to propose a UN resolution against fracking at the General Assembly this year

Some events to celebrate Earth Day - 22nd April

Issued in the blog on April 21, 2021 at 16:53:00.


Friends of the Earth is delighted to be involved in two special events to celebrate Earth Day on Thursday 22nd April 2021.

Special Screening of Groundswell

We’re teaming up with the Cork Film Festival to present a Special Online Screening of Groundswell, Johnny Gogan's feature documentary film on Ireland and Fracking. The film will go live at 7pm on 22nd April, and will be available to book and watch until 11:59pm on the following Saturday, 24th April.

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Violent Borders - exploring the links between climate change and migration

Issued in the blog on April 01, 2021 at 18:16:00.

Learning Hub violent borders

At Friends of the Earth, we’re creating a space for discussion, critical thinking, peer education and building a sense of solidarity. It’s called our Learning Hub! We create conversations that hinge around issues arising from books that the Friends of the Earth community is reading.

Our next Learning Hub event will explore connections between climate and migration. It takes place on Monday 12th April at 6pm - we hope you can join us.

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Climate Bill is a Big Step in the Right Direction

Issued in news on March 23, 2021 at 16:55:00.

2FoE reaction to the climate bill_march pic

New draft makes real progress on most of the tests posed by Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the publication of the revised Climate Action Bill

Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director Oisín Coghlan said:

"This Climate Bill is a big step in the right direction. The first draft had too many loopholes. Now, the targets are tighter, the duty to act is stronger, and the language is clearer."

“But today is just the beginning. TDs and Senators must now do their job to make sure the final law is as robust as possible."

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Six Things to Look for When the Climate Bill is Published

Issued in the blog on March 22, 2021 at 08:32:00.

What to look for in climate bill - green

Media reports indicate that the Government’s revised Climate Bill will go to Cabinet for approval and publication on Tuesday. The Bill is a flagship commitment in the Programme for Government.

Climate legislation is about governance - about how we make climate policy and how we make sure policy is implemented. It is the framework to drive action rather than being a list of actions. Key elements include:

  • a long-term (2050) target
  • short-term (5 year) targets
  • a duty on Government to produce an action plan to actually cut polluting emissions in line with the targets
  • an expert council to provide independent advice to the Government and monitor progress
  • robust parliamentary oversight and ministerial accountability

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No New Gas

Issued in campaign actions.

Keep it in the ground higher res

Ireland has a chance to show the way to a Fossil Free Future if the Government's new climate law guarantees #NoNewGas: no to importing fracked gas, no to building LNG terminals and no to new offshore exploration. Join the call to the three coalition leaders.

Where is the Climate Bill?

Issued in news on March 08, 2021 at 09:50:00.

IMG_4032 Snowmen protest at Custom House, urging Gormley to publish Climate Change Bill

Concern that delay signals late push by Fine Gael to dilute the Bill

Friends of the Earth has expressed concern at the apparent delay in the publication of the Government’s flagship Climate Action Bill. Minister Ryan announced in early February that he expected the revised Bill to receive Cabinet approval before the end of February and preparations were in train for the Bill to be launched along with a major public consultation on how best to cut polluting emissions. Now any talk of the Bill appearing before St Patrick’s Day has stopped. Campaigners are concerned that the delay signals a late effort to water down the proposed law in light of comments by a number of Fine Gael TDs.

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Legal opinion shows that fracked gas import ban is possible

Issued in the blog on March 01, 2021 at 18:53:00.

legal opinion fracked gas

Friends of the Earth is working to prevent lock-in of fossil fuels in Ireland and our primary focus is on fracked gas and LNG infrastructure. There are currently 5 proposed LNG terminals in Ireland, with plans to turn Ireland into the gateway location to transport more fossil gas though Ireland into the UK. 

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Friends of the Earth is hiring!

Issued in news on February 19, 2021 at 11:19:00.

Website_ We're Hiring FB

Friends of the Earth has two exciting roles to fill! We’re recruiting a Head of Policy Change and an Accounts and Administration Officer.

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Don't let Sir Humphrey hobble the Climate Bill!

Issued in the blog on February 17, 2021 at 18:16:00.

Sir Humphrey.JPG

I wrote last week about some updates on the Climate Bill. I mentioned that 2021 should be the year when Ireland finally gets a new, stronger, Climate Law. I was pretty apprehensive about putting those words on paper - fearing I may be tempting fate!
Well….unfortunately I was right to be apprehensive. The Government is currently making its final decisions on the Climate Law and some alarm bells are starting to ring . Unless we apply strong pressure now, there’s a risk that the Climate Law could be watered down. So can you  take this e-action I shared last week without delay? Asking your TDs to ensure the Government listens to the Joint Committee on Climate Action’s recommendations to strengthen the Climate Bill - instead of doing the opposite and making it weaker.

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