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Start your own group!

No local group near you? No problem! Here's our 3-step guide to setting up your own local group.

Not living in Dublin or no Friends of the Earth group in your area? Start your own! From media stunts to lobbying, setting up a local Friends of the Earth group is a great way to get active and engage in your own community. 

Step 1

To get your group started, decide what you're going to work on and find people to work with. For advice on this – and your first 3 meetings – check out FoE England Wales and Northern Ireland's 'how to start a local group' guide .

Step 2

Once you've had a few successful meetings and your group is up and running, get in touch either by emailing, or calling our hotline on 01 639 4652.

We'll catch up, answer any of your questions and figure out what support you might need going forward.

Step 3

We will get you licensed by filling out all the necessary paperwork. To formalise the relationship, we will need you to:

What happens next?

Once we've received all the completed documentation from you, we'll email you your Memorandum of Understanding certificate.

You'll then be all set to start officially campaigning in the name of Friends of the Earth! So what are you waiting for? Get together any other people that you know who are interested and start to campaign locally . Put up posters and hold regular meetings. Decide together the best way that your group can get Ireland to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution. 

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