Solar School Youth Assemblies

Join a Solar Schools Youth Assembly!

Friends of the Earth has been working with schools across Ireland as part of the Solar Schools project because we believe every school could be a solar school playing a vital role in climate action and powering themselves with clean, free electricity generated right from their rooftops.

Join us as we move from ambition to action and register for one of our Solar School Youth Assemblies!

We will be joined by Sinead Morgan, Campaign Officer with Concern who will be facilitating an activity on the SDG’s with a focus on clean and affordable energy (SDG 7) and climate action (SDG 13). 

We will also be exploring some of the challenges and opportunities for schools and their role in the just transition to a decarbonized future.
We want to hear from students across the country what a sustainable school of the future could look like and we want to make sure our decision makers hear youth voices and demands. See how you can share your visions with us in advance below.

We will be hosting four regional Solar School Youth Assemblies.

Event Dates:

  • West / North West - 19th of May 11am - 1pm  - applications closed
  • East - 25th of May 11am - 1pm  
  • South - 26th of May 11am - 1pm  
  • Midlands - 27th of May 11am - 1pm  

Share your vision of a sustainable school with us in advance!

Draw a picture, write a poem or a story or prepare the front page news for 2030 which shows your vision of what a sustainable school could look like. Send your pictures or ideas to with the reference ‘SOLAR SCHOOLS’

More information

Getting schools powered by solar is actually really hard! Schools still need planning permission for even one solar panel and they are not entitled to payment for ANY surplus energy generated during the summer months when the school is closed. Solar panels are expensive, and grants are difficult to negotiate.

The current system is madness. We are trying to break down these barriers, to make it easier for all schools to play an active role in the energy transition.  

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Solar School Youth Assemblies

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