Climate Messaging 101 with NEON

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climate messaging 101 (Twitter Post)

Want to learn more about talking to others about climate justice - from neighbours to politicians to the media?

Join us for this amazing opportunity to share experiences and deepen your knowledge on reaching out to those in our community who don’t already agree. This once-off climate messaging session will be facilitated by communications experts from NEON.

You may join this training on one of two dates: 

  • Wednesday May 18th: 7pm to 8.30pm - on Zoom
  • Tuesday May 24th: 7pm to 8.30pm - on Zoom

Both sessions will cover the same content - once you register you will receive a Zoom link for each training session and a reminder about both sessions closer to their start dates - please check your spam folder if you don’t see the link in your inbox!

What will I learn at this training session?

The words we use matter. Our messages need to forefront our values, spotlight key problems, motivate action and make a compelling case for the solutions we need. Crafting compelling, powerful messages that build our base and shift thinking in the right direction helps us to make the most of every communication opportunity - whether that is speaking to friends, writing an email or doing a broadcast interview. This one-off Messaging 101 workshop will:

  • Introduce framing and messaging and explain why it matters for winning campaigns
  • Present key messaging tips that have been proven to be effective
  • Facilitate an interactive exercise for thinking about the ‘persuadable’ audience and how to communicate with them effectively.

This is a practical, hands-on session for campaigners and communicators. It will provide space to reflect on current communications practices, share research insights and practical tools to hone the messages we work on day-to-day. By the end of this session, participants will understand common communications pitfalls and challenges, feel confident in applying key messaging principles and have a new way of thinking about their persuadable audience and tailoring messages to them.
We can’t wait to see you there! 

About NEON

NEON (New Economy Organisers Network) are a UK based organisation who offer high quality, hands-on support and training for campaigners, organisers, communications and operations teams working across social movements. They have years of experience in supporting activists and campaigners with communications and media work - helping them to communicate their messages more effectively and make sure they get heard and acted upon. NEON support over 1,000 organisers and campaigners across the UK working on everything from anti-racism to environment and housing activism.