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Hands up 4 Solar Schools?

Friends of the Earth think every school should be able to be a Solar School. To lead on climate action and power themselves with clean, free electricity generated right from their rooftop. This year we are helping 5 schools to go Solar. Next year we want to help even more!

If you want your school to be powered with solar power, and think others should be able to too, then we need you! 

Fill in our survey and register for our Solar Schools competition launching in 2019 where we will help the winning schools with ALL the technical and bureaucratic administration of the installation and up to 90% of the cost!

Hands Up Graphic

We have 2 key demands to make it easier for schools to go solar:map

1.  Pass the Microgeneration Bill. (Right now schools are not entitled to any payment for any surplus energy they generate, i.e. during weekends and holidays)

2. Update the planning regulations (Right now a school needs planning permission to put up even one solar panel.  That just adds costs and delays).  

It needs to be easier.  It should be easier.  Register your school now and together we can show our power to demand the changes we need.  

Check out our map showing all the teachers / students / parents who have signed up to support Solar Schools. 

Watch our video to hear young people's concerns about climate change. 


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