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No to Fracking

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a ban on fracking in Ireland


There is a real chance to ban fracking in Ireland. DONE3

But the Dail needs to decide to do it.

A Private Members Bill proposed by Tony McLoughlin TD passed the second stage of the Dail on Thursday 27th October. Read the Bill here, and our press release here. At the debate, representatives from all parties and independents passionately spoke about the impacts of fracking on the environment, people's health and the climate and highlighted the need to move quickly to ban fracking in Ireland.

A legal review of the Bill confirms that there are no consitutional or legal impediments to the passing of this bill into law in Ireland.

Next, the Bill will be scrutinised by the Oireachtas Committee, where amendments can be debated and voted upon, before it returns to the Dail to be voted on. The Bill is currently with the Committee for consideration and the date to vote to pass it has yet to be set (March 2017)

35 elected TD's signed a pledge to actively support legislation to ban fracking in Ireland. See who here.

And, The following political parties have a statement in their party manifesto that they are against fracking.

Fianna Fail

Sinn Fein

Green Party

Anti Austerity Alliance/People before Profit

We now need to make sure they keep their promises and actually ban it!

If you want more information on fracking

Read the Sustainable Water Network research 'Hydraulic Fracturing ─ Interactions with the Water Framework Directive & Groundwater Directive and Implications for the Status of Ireland’s Waters' (the 172 page report comes with a 2 page summary at the front),

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