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Community Power

We need to get off fossil fuels fast.  Ireland has excellent renewable energy resources, but our energy system uses fossil fuels for about 80% of its energy needs in transport, heating and electricity. 

At Friends of the Earth we are working to make sure that Ireland’s energy system is fit for the future, with no more investment in fossil fuel infrastructure, no more exploration for fossil fuels and an energy system that values and supports citizens and communities participating in and benefiting from our renewable energy transition. 


Logo PortraitWe have teamed up with energy co-operatives around Ireland, and Community Power, Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier to build Ireland’s first community based virtual power plant. And today, you can support too if by switching your electricity to Community Power.  We switched the Friends of the Earth office so that we are buying our electricity from community owned hydro and wind power, and we are saving money too!  


Click here to switch to Community Power!

We know many of the rules that govern how energy is produced, sold and shared here in Ireland does not work for small or local energy groups, and that is just not fair. 

For the Love of SolarSo, we are demanding policy and legislative changes to allow microgenerators participate fairly in the energy transition. Sign our petition here to demand a change in the planning permission restrictions so that the solar rooftop revolution can be unleashed and small solar generators can sell their excess power producing income for themselves and their communities. 

Our For the Love of Solar demands:

  • To allow small and community owned renewable energy projects a fair opportunity to connect to the national grid and build community owned projects, such as solar or wind farms.
  • To ensure that Ireland implements the EU Clean Energy Package into Irish law, on time and in full. This Directive gives citizens and community energy groups new rights to store, sell, and trade in renewable energy and is a game changer for all European citizens. 

Click here to sign our petition!

And, we are putting solar panels on schools. With our ‘For the Love of Solar’ solar schools project, we have sourced funding to install solar panels on schools. Our schools competition asked schools to come up with local projects on climate action, and the winners will get solar panels for their school roof!

We're also engaging the public through workshops, street stalls, webinars, training sessions and much more. Join our mailing list for updates on this campaign and ways to take action.

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