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Day of Action: email your TD, Dail rally, film screening. Oh, and finally ...

Issued in the blog on November 03, 2015 at 18:14:00.

PrEPAring for FrackingI'm speaking at a briefing on fracking in Leinster House on Thursday lunchtime. Can you do me a favour and email your local TDs asking them to attend ? It'll only take a minute and they are much more likely to come when one of their own constituents asks them. Thanks.

The main speaker is a campaigner from Good Energies Alliance Ireland, based in Leitrim. They are very concerned at the increasing evidence that the EPA research on fracking is neither independent enough nor broad enough to be a legitimate basis for a Government decision for or against fracking. You can find out more here.

If you want to come to the briefing yourself, just email and we'll organize entry to Leinster House for you.

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Paris and beyond: get involved in building the climate movement

Issued in news on October 29, 2015 at 15:15:00.

In a month's time world leaders will gather in Paris to try to agree a global climate deal that has eluded them for the last 20 years.COP21

We don't trust them to have people's interests at heart. And we know any deal they do won't be strong enough. So, around the world people and communities are taking the lead themselves. Fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground, organizing community energy projects to power their own future, and showing that a just transition to a carbon free future is possible.

Any Paris protocol won't be enough to contain climate change on its own, but Paris can be the moment when the climate movement becomes an unstoppable force for the system change we need.

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Launching our learning collective - People. Power. Action.

Issued in news on October 19, 2015 at 11:12:00.

Are you unhappy with how our society operates at present, would you like to see societal change?

There are certainly many changes I would like to see happen in Ireland and I believe every citizen needs to be a part of making these changes happen!

This is why this year Friends of the Earth are inviting citizens from across Ireland who are interested in becoming active in their community (whether that is in your town, college, work place or other) in relation to environmental and social justice issues, to come together weekly to meet like minded people, learn and share new skills and take action as part of the movement for social change and environmental sustainability.

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The passing of the Climate Bill by the Dáil is a significant milestone, but a concrete plan to actually reduce emissions is long overdue

Issued in news on October 08, 2015 at 10:27:00.

Climate Change Blows #1 - Vuvuzela Protest 24th November 2011
Vuvuzela Protest 24th November 2011

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the fact that the Dáil will today pass the Climate Bill, calling it a significant milestone in climate policy-making. But according to the environmental campaigning organisation Ireland is not on track to meet its 2020 EU targets and the current Government has repeatedly delayed adopting an actual emissions reduction plan, 3 years after the last climate action plan expired. Friends of the Earth began the campaign for a climate law in April 2007 and over the intervening years a consensus was forged among all political parties that putting climate policy-making on a statutory footing made sense.

Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan said

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Join the Energy Revolution - Sign up right now.

Issued in publications on September 04, 2015.


Our vision

Our vision is of a fossil fuel free Ireland by 2050.

An Ireland where nobody is dependent on fossil fuels for a warm home, a mobile life or affordable electricity.

An Ireland where everybody has the chance to own the renewable energy developments that will power our lives, and to participate in the decisions that get us there.

Our Campaign - click here to sign up now 

We are part of an international Friends of the Earth Energy Revolution campaign with the following demands:

  • Ensure justice for people affected by climate change.
  • Stop fossil fuels and other dirty energy, while protecting workers in these areas.
  • Support community-owned renewable energy – giving people the power, not corporations.

To sign up for Irish campaign alerts and updates just click here.

Download "Six Steps to an Energy Revolution: An action plan for a fossil free Ireland by 2050", our new headline energy policy, here.

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Our Director's speech to the MacGill Summer School on Ireland's energy future

Issued in the blog on July 24, 2015 at 00:34:00.

Yesterday I delieverd a paper to the MacGill Summer School on "Ireland's Energy Crisis: What's to be done?". You can hear my 15 minute speech by clicking below. You can read the text here. And you can read the Irish Times report here.



Minister Alex White offers citizens a “genuine stake” in energy policy decision-making - DCENR Press Release

Issued in news on March 25, 2015 at 12:38:00.

Dublin, 25 March 2015

Energy Minister Alex White today (Wednesday) said citizens must be given a genuine stake in energy policy decision-making if Ireland is to succeed in meeting its renewable energy targets. He said he would address this in a White Paper on energy policy, which is being prepared for publication later this year.

Speaking at the annual Energy Show, organised by the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland, Minister White said his ultimate goal was the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy production and use.

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Supporting Communities in Renewable Energy

Issued in publications on March 24, 2015.

Publication cover - Supporting Communities in Renewable Energy - Cover image for Supporting Communities in Renewable Energy

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Young Friends of the Earth Global Divestment Day Action - Saturday 14th February, 2pm Sean O' Casey Bridge

Issued in news on February 13, 2015 at 17:39:00.

YFoE Divestment Day Action 2015

Imagine all the money that is put into oil, gas and coal industries is instead directed towards clean energy, community and social projects, arts and culture. Imagine a worldwide shift in consciousness and awareness where we all gave our heads a little shake and woke up to how ludicrous it is to destruct and control this amazing planet?

The fossil fuel divestment movement, which kicked off in 2012, is all about urging banks, institutions, universities, pension funds, individuals and more, to withdraw money they have invested in fossil fuels. Financially speaking, they are risky investments if we want to prevent destruction of the planet. So far, more than 837 institutions and individuals have committed to divest, and there are lively campaigns happening all over the world.

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Still no certainty within the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill on how Ireland will reduce carbon emissions

Issued in news on January 20, 2015 at 10:12:00.

20th January 2015

Now, more than ever it is essential that decisions on Energy Policy are bold enough to get us off our addiction to fossil fuels

The Government has finally published the long awaited Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015.  Friends of the Earth welcome the publication of the Bill, however have expressed dismay that this current draft does not include any targets for reducing carbon emissions and allows for a potential delay of up to 2 years before any plan to reduce carbon emissions in Ireland is implemented. 

Commenting, Policy and Campaigns manager at Friends of the Earth, Kate Ruddock said

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