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ACTION: No Fracking Fermanagh

Fracking in Ireland - Dawn of the Dead?

It was a huge relief when fracking was banned in the Republic of Ireland in 2017. The arguments about the environment, climate change, local communities, their economies, and most of all about public health carried the day in the Oireachtas. Even the much-derided report overseen by the Irish EPA could not be confident it understood the complex geology of the Northwest Carboniferous Basin, let alone that that fracking could be done safely and protect groundwater.

But, across the 'border' in Northern Ireland, Tamboran Resources are back for another bite.  They want to frack in Fermanagh.

Our envrionment doesn't see borders. 

Whichever side you live on, you can tell the Department for the Economy Northern Ireland what you think of this plan. There is a short consultation period, ending on 5th July, during which individuals and groups can make their views known to the Department.  We've pre-written a short email for you if you're in a hurry.  But feel free to edit it yourself, and add a bit at the beginning.  Personal contributions make a huge difference. 


Transitioning to a Low Carbon Climate Resilient Society

Issued in publications on February 21, 2019.

Publication cover - Transitioning to a Low Carbon Climate Resilient Society - Cover image for Transitioning to a Low Carbon Climate Resilient Society

“Community Energy Revolution"

Irish communities are the strongest drivers of the transition to a zero carbon future. The power of local people has been demonstrated repeatedly and it can be done again – to keep Ireland green for current jobs and future generations. Friends of the Earth, Tipperary Energy Agency and the Dingle Sustainable Energy Community have published a "Roadmap for a Community Energy Revolution" in order to galvanise and support local action.

This roadmap underpins political and government initiatives in tackling climate action:

  • For the special all-party Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action which is now finalising its recommendations on translating the recommendations of the Citizens' Assembly into policy, recommendations;
  • For the Government which is finalising its ‘all of government’ approach;

And has been prepared by

Marie Donnelly, former Director for Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at DG Energy in the European Commission. Current Board member of Tipperary Energy Agency
Brendan Tuohy, Former Secretary General, Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Current member of Dingle Sustainable Energy Community
Oisin Coghlan, Director, Friends of the Earth

Oisin Coghlan, Director or Friends of the Earth commented,

Hundreds of community groups all across Ireland are coming together to take on the challenge of decarbonising their communities. Ireland excels at the community level,- from the GAA to Tidy Towns. Yet, time and again, community energy groups find themselves straining at the leash, often up against the same State-designed barriers to getting their local sustainable energy projects off the ground' and always lacking in sufficient resources to support the huge local voluntary efforts.'.

'The recommendations that will come from this special
Joint Oireachtas Committee offer a huge opportunity to unleash the potential within our communities and enable and facilitate the citizens of Ireland to take action on climate change. There is huge momentum out there. But it requires support for it to be sustainable if it is to begin to address the scale of the challenges.’

‘Minister Bruton is right when he says citizen engagement is essential, but people and communities across Ireland are becoming increasingly frustrated with the narrative that climate action needs to come from them, without any similar commitment to support these local voluntary efforts and also to remove the State-designed barriers that essentially block them from participating in this transition. This is particularly apparent when it comes to local renewable energy generation.’

Friends of the Earth, Tipperary Energy Agency and the Dingle Sustainable Energy Community, three independent organisations involved in the community sector and committed to transitioning the community to a low carbon future, have collaborated to prepare a report ‘Transitioning to a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Society’ available here, which sets out a number of actions to support long term, deep engagement at local community level. It details the actions needed from Government and others to break down the many barriers that currently prevent local action on climate change and recommends:

  • Developing a ‘one-stop-shop’ led by climate change officers in every local authority area to provide advice, technical information and practical support for citizens, communities and businesses on their journey to decarbonisation;
  • Setting up a route to the market for community led renewable energy projects.
  • Introducing a fair payment for microgeneration from all technologies that are exported to the grid.
  • Streamlining the technical aspects of local energy generation (planning, grid connection, balancing, etc.)
  • Ensuring the Climate Action Fund includes local community engagement activities, starting with the next call in 2019.


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Friends of the Earth Newsletter, January 2019

Issued in the blog on January 28, 2019 at 17:24:00.

Welcome to our newsletter - catch up on what we've achieved over the past few months thanks to your support, time and donations. See what we're planning next and how you can be involved!

Friends of the Earth Campaigns

Tait House award presentation at St Munchin's College-43

Community Energy & Solar Schools

Congratulations to St Munchin's College in Limerick, our first winners of the Solar Schools competition. A fantastic group of students ready to take on the energy transition in their school!

More winners will be announced very soon - watch this space! This exciting pilot project targeted a number of areas where community energy cooperatives are already in existence. The aim of the project is to support schools and communities to power themselves with free renewable electricity generated right from their roof.

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Solar Schools Competition 2019

Issued in news on January 16, 2019 at 18:12:00.

FoE RoS logo - FoE on bagelThe 2018/2019 Solar Schools competition is now closed.

Five winning schools will be announced soon. Watch this space! 

The winning schools will get solar panels for their school. They will be able to use free power all day generated directly from their roof, so will really reduce their carbon emissions, and during the weekends and holidays they will be able to sell any power they do not use to our partner 'Community Renewable Energy Supply' (Cres). It's really a win win win for the schools and the climate.  

Sadly, not all schools have this opportunity in Ireland. In fact, selling solar power is not an option for most, as there is no requirement for electricity companies to buy solar power generated at small scales. 

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Beat the VAT increase on coffee. Plus a new series of Eco Eye starts tonight.

Issued in the blog on January 08, 2019 at 06:42:00.

Eco eye presenters

Happy New Year.

I'm really optimistic we can make a breakthrough this year on climate action (see below for a preview of the possibilities).

But first, a quick life hack for coffee drinkers! It hasn't been such a good New Year for those of us who look forward to a take-away coffee at some stage during the day. The VAT increase in Budget 2019 has added 9 to 18 cent to the price of a coffee since January first.

Thankfully, there's an easy way to avoid paying the new higher price.

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Let’s make 2019 the year we choose a safer, healthier future.

Issued in the blog on January 01, 2019 at 06:20:00.

Poolbeg sunset by Philip Milne - Poolbeg chimneys. A monument to the sunset industries of the fossil fuel age. Photo by Philip Milne.
Poolbeg chimneys. A monument to the sunset industries of the fossil fuel age. Photo by Philip Milne.

This is the full length version of an article for the Irish Independent

Politicians and the public are paying attention to climate change like never before. A number of factors coming together gives us the opportunity to make 2019 the year Ireland takes climate action seriously.

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Friends of the Earth Newsletter, November 2018

Issued in the blog on November 26, 2018 at 16:06:00.

Welcome to our newsletter - catch up on what we've achieved over the past few months thanks to your support, time and donations. See what we're planning next and how you can be involved!

Community Energy

Publication cover - Factsheet_Run on SunThe way energy is generated, sold and used in Ireland is changing fast. A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your thoughts on buying, investing in and supporting locally owned renewable energy. A million thanks to those of you who took that survey. There is very little Irish research on this topic, so real data from real people is invaluable to us. If you’re interested in the results, you can see them here. slightly smiling face

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We can spark the solar revolution if we act right now.

Issued in the blog on November 23, 2018 at 00:34:00.

Let there be light FINAL

Over 20,000 people signed our petition to support solar power in Ireland. Even Leo signed, while hanging out at Electric Picnic before he was Taoiseach. He agreed then there should be a fair payment for solar power.

And now it could happen, if you email your TDs today.

The Dáil will debate a draft law next Tuesday (the 27th) which would finally mean small-scale generators of renewable energy would get paid for the electricity they supply to the grid.

Will you ask your TD to support it?

Email my TDs

to back community-scale renewables.


At the moment in Ireland if you generate your own energy, any you don't use it all immediately, you have to give it away for free to the ESB.

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Solar Schools ***Competition Time***

Issued in news on November 15, 2018 at 21:41:00.

Solar Schools

Do you want your school to be a Solar School? To run on free, clean, renewable energy?

Friends of the Earth and a number of energy co-operatives are running a competition to give five lucky schools the opportunity to have solar panels, designed and installed at their school in 2019 with a 90% grant.   

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U-turn on carbon tax would be 'two fingers to younger generations'

Issued in news on October 09, 2018 at 10:25:00.

Budget 2019

Budget a key test of Taoiseach's credibility on climate change, one day after stark scientific call for action

Reacting to reports that that the Government may drop plans to raise the carbon tax by €10 in today's Budget, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisin Coghlan commented:

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Oil and Gas Drilling: Add your voice to this petition before it's presented tomorrow!

Issued in the blog on July 09, 2018 at 16:49:00.

NHNA logo full name

On Tuesday, the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action will hold hearings on a Bill to ban exploration for more gas off the Irish coast [1]. The Committee has to decide whether to kill the Bill or progress it to the next stage.

Not Here Not Anywhere (NHNA), a grassroots campaigning group working to protect Ireland's coasts from fossil fuel drilling, have been working tirelessly on this campaign for a year, and will be presenting a petiton to the Chair of this committee tomorrow afternoon.

Their petition currently has just over 3,000 names.

Can you help it reach 4,000?

Hildegarde Naughton TD, Chair of the Committee on Climate Action has agreed to receive the petition when the hearing finishes (sometime between 1:30pm and 2pm we understand).

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