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Shell alternative report 2011

Issued on: 17 May 2011

Shell alternative report 2011



In this spoof document, which was distributed at Shell's AGM, Shell 'admits' that it is "causing a lot of unwanted and unnecessary damage" in its global oil and gas operations. The company also states that it "has learnt from these mistakes" and pledges to take "full responsibility to prevent and mitigate costs for the environment and people affected by our operations".


The "erratum" published by Friends of the Earth International highlights Shell's wrongdoing in 12 cases from 5 different continents.


Commenting Molly Walsh with Friends of the Earth in Ireland said "What is clear from this report is that Shell are a destructive and dangerous company the world over. There are examples in this report from Kazakstan to Brazil, but we need look no further than Northwest Mayo to see Shell trying to trample over the rights of a local community. The community resistance to Shell's attempts to build a high pressure gas pipeline in Erris, County Mayo has resulted in the kind of human rights violations that are Shell's trade-mark on every continent. Its time for Shell to take full responsibility for their actions here and everywhere."


Friends of the Earth's document displays climate and other environmental impacts from Shell's oil and gas operations, but also shows the involvement of Shell in the violation of human rights and labour irregularities. Furthermore, the report lists cases of corruption and interference with politics in order to ensure business profits. The document, which should serve as a wake up call for Shell's shareholders and board, is backed by an in-depth report about the 12 cases involving life threatening pollution, bribery, slavery and violation of national and international laws.

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