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Ireland can be proud of the UN’s Global Goals, test now is achieving them in Ireland - Oisin Coghlan in New York

Issued in news on September 24, 2015 at 18:12:00.

UNHQ-GlobalGoalsLightTheWay - The 17 Global Goals are projected onto the UN Headquarters in New York, on Sept 23rd, #LightTheWay
The 17 Global Goals are projected onto the UN Headquarters in New York, on Sept 23rd, #LightTheWay

NGOs urge the Taoiseach to commit to a national action plan - to overcome Irish “implementation deficit disorder”

Ireland can be proud of the role our diplomats played in developing the UN’s new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, according to Friends of the Earth. Along with Kenya, Ireland co-chaired the successful negotiations of the Goals, which will be adopted at a summit of over 150 world leaders in New York tomorrow (Friday, 25th September).

Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan, is in New York for the summit as an Environmental Pillar observer on the Irish Government delegation. Three observers from Dóchas, the umbrella body for overseas aid agencies, are also on the official delegation. Both President Michael D Higgins and the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, will represent Ireland at the summit.

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Join the Energy Revolution - Sign up right now.

Issued in publications on September 04, 2015.


Our vision

Our vision is of a fossil fuel free Ireland by 2050.

An Ireland where nobody is dependent on fossil fuels for a warm home, a mobile life or affordable electricity.

An Ireland where everybody has the chance to own the renewable energy developments that will power our lives, and to participate in the decisions that get us there.

Our Campaign - click here to sign up now 

We are part of an international Friends of the Earth Energy Revolution campaign with the following demands:

  • Ensure justice for people affected by climate change.
  • Stop fossil fuels and other dirty energy, while protecting workers in these areas.
  • Support community-owned renewable energy – giving people the power, not corporations.

To sign up for Irish campaign alerts and updates just click here.

Download "Six Steps to an Energy Revolution: An action plan for a fossil free Ireland by 2050", our new headline energy policy, here.

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Our Director's speech to the MacGill Summer School on Ireland's energy future

Issued in the blog on July 24, 2015 at 00:34:00.

Yesterday I delieverd a paper to the MacGill Summer School on "Ireland's Energy Crisis: What's to be done?". You can hear my 15 minute speech by clicking below. You can read the text here. And you can read the Irish Times report here.



Let's pass the Climate Bill before TDs head for the beach

Issued in the blog on July 07, 2015 at 14:51:00.

Thanks to your campaigning the Government has agreed to make changes to the Climate Bill .

But now time is running out to get the Bill through the Dáil before the summer break. Next week's Dáil agenda will be set on Thursday and there's a real risk the Climate Bill will be dropped. Please press for TDs to pass it before they go holidays: On Twitter . On Facebook .

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Heads in the Sand -Pass the Bill

It'll only take a minute and all the key decision makers are tagged in the photo of the fantastic Stop Climate Chaos photo stunt on Sandymount Strand last Saturday.

If you're on Twitter just click retweet below:

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Once more unto the beach

Issued in the blog on July 03, 2015 at 16:41:00.

heads in the sand bondi beach

Will you join us on the beach tomorrow to bury your Head in the Sand, just like our government are doing when it comes to climate change?

When: Saturday, July 4th at 11am
Where: Sandymount Strand (here by the car park nearest the city centre)


Umbrella leap

Some of the iconic images of Irish climate activism have been created in fun, family-friendly, photo stunts on Sandymount Strand with our allies in Stop Climate Chaos. Tomorrow we gather there once more: to collectively stick our heads in the sand to send the message loud and clear that the government's inaction on climate change is not in our name.


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Minister Kelly Proposes Significant Amendments to Climate Bill

Issued in news on July 02, 2015 at 14:21:00.

Alan Kelly TD

Press release from Department of Environment

Having secured the approval of the Government, the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr. Alan Kelly, T.D., has today (2 July 2015) announced that he will propose a series of significant amendments to the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015 during Report Stage of the Bill in Dáil Éireann later this month.

The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015 provides a statutory basis for the national objective of transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by the year 2050. In doing so, it also gives a solid statutory foundation to the institutional arrangements necessary to enable the State to pursue and achieve that national transition objective.

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Will you put your heads in the sand with us?

Issued in the blog on June 30, 2015 at 16:17:00.

heads in the sand bondi beach

For those within striking distance of Dublin two events in the next 8 days:

We would love you to join us for a "Heads in the Sand" photo stunt on Sandymount Strand this Saturday 4th July at 11am.

Our government just isn't taking climate change seriously.

We’re only 5 months away from major climate talks that will decide the future of global climate action. Yet the government is about to finalize a Climate law that doesn’t even set a target for emission reductions by 2050. They have no Action Plan on how to cut our climate pollution to 2020 (the last plan finished in 2012) and they have made no financial pledge to help support communities worst affected by climate change impacts.

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So, who's this Ottmar Edenhoffer on the new Climate Council

Issued in the blog on June 12, 2015 at 00:28:00.

One of the most eye-catching names on Minister Alan Kelly's list of members on the Climate Change Advisory Council yesterday was that of Prof Ottmar Edenhoffer.

He's the Chief Economist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research , and was co-chair of the IPCC's Working Group III on Mitigation for their recently completed Fifth Assessment Report.

He gave an EPA lecture in Dublin last October which I was at, which was very impressive. Particularly that his favourite slide was the one showing how much fossil fuels we had to leave under the ground. Click here to start the You Tube video at that bit of his talk .

The full talk is embedded at the bottom of this post, but here are my tweets from the night:

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Podcast on the new Climate Council and Bill latest

Issued in the blog on June 10, 2015 at 22:51:00.

I was happy to take part in the Irish Times Business Podcast today and talk not just about the challenge of climate change but the economic opportunties that the transition to a low-carbon future will bring.


Independence and resources the key tests for new Climate Council

Issued in news on June 10, 2015 at 17:30:00.

The appointment of Ireland's first Climate Change Advisory Council is a welcome milestone

Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan said


"The Minister named a strong line-up for this first Council today. The question now is will they be given the explicit legal protection to do their job independently and the resources to do it properly."

Minister must amend the Climate Bill

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