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Ladybird Expert series on Climate Change - A Summary

Posted on December 04, 2017 by Guest Blogger

Notes on: Climate Change, by Tony Juniper and Emily Shuckburgh  

Ladybird Expert series 2017, (52 pages including some illustrations)


Summarised by:

Paul Donnelly, August 2017

Paul was a highly respected, committed member of Dublin Friends of the Earth and suddenly passed away in November 2017. He spent much of his time collating information about climate change in order to make the topic more accessible for people. May he rest in peace.



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The Health Impacts of Climate Change

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Guest Blogger

Carbon dioxide is the perfect killer. Invisible and odourless, it exerts its mal-effects insidiously and so surreptitiously that they have managed to avoid registering on most peoples’ daily list of concerns. Indeed this has allowed its continued production to be regarded by many as essential to maintaining the quality of life that most of us currently enjoy.

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Can you stomach another Leaders' Debate ...

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Oisín Coghlan

YFoE hustings

... that doesn't discuss climate change?

The election is in the closing stretch. The final leaders' debate is tonight. Will they discuss climate change? Probably not, but even if they do it'll be short and superficial at best. The reality, however, is that whoever forms the next Government will find climate change high on the policy agenda because of the Paris Agreement, looming EU targets and competing interest groups at home.

So how much thought have the parties actually given it? Below you can see and read for yourself.

Act Now Button


Ask your candidates to take the Vote Frack Free pledge .


The hustings Young Friends of the Earth held with the Environmental Pillar are now online.

You can see the full 86 minutes here .

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A letter to Joe Costello when I thought he was going to the Rio Summit, or a couple of things Labour could do if they wanted to show they take sustainability seriously

Posted on June 13, 2012 by Oisín Coghlan

Publication cover - Letter to Joe Costello on Rio+20 June 2012 - Cover image for Letter to Joe Costello on Rio+20 June 2012
Cover image for Letter to Joe Costello on Rio+20 June 2012

The Irish Times reported on Monday that Joe Costello, Minster for Development and Trade, would be joining Minister Phil Hogan at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

We drafted a letter to him suggesting a couple of things he could usefully do to ensure Rio has a progressice impact in Ireland.

On Wednesday we discovered he wasn't going to Rio, the Irish Times was mistaken.

It's a pity really. Many countries are sending their prime minister, but not Ireland. Others are sending their deputy prime minister, but not Ireland. Last week the Taoiseach and the Tanaiste "launched" a blueprint for "Our Sustainable Future" but couldn't manage a word between them for reporters or the the public .

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Global day of Action in Poznan

Posted on December 06, 2008 by Molly Walsh

Global Day of Action

Today was the global day of action on climate change. There was a bike rally organised here by friends of the Earth Poland and some other groups under the coalition of bikes for climate.

It was a huge critical mass of many many cyclists. It was bigger than any other group of cyclists i have ever been in. We cycled around the misty city singing and chanting for climate action. It was really great to see the road filled with only by Trams and bicycles, very much the way I think it should be.

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Buses, Penguins and Climate legislation.

Posted on December 04, 2008 by Molly Walsh

PC043267Today for the first time I successfully caught the special shuttle bus that goes from near my hotel, direct to the entrance of the convention centre. Slightly frighteningly, it said on the bus that it was going to COP 34! Thinking it might be some kind of time travel bus, Jerrieann and I hoped on it and discussed if we thought there would be a COP 34. I said that if there are still enough resources and enough people left for it in 20 years time it will be a good sign. The magical shuttle bus meant that I was sitting down with my daily program 15 minutes before the 8.30am FOE meeting. At this meeting we go through the COP agenda for the day and make sure that we have someone in every session gathering information on all the areas we need to keep track of. The good early start to the day meant that the day continued very productively. I took part in a speed penguin action to get some pictures that FOE Austria wanted for their press. It was very fast because we didn't have permission for it from security. The question the penguins are asking is "will this COP set the scene to save them?"

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