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Update on One Future

Posted by Deirdre Duff on July 22, 2021 at 05:23 PM


The One Future local climate action groups that we support are going from strength to strength! If you would like to get involved by joining a local group in your area you can sign up here.

We have just finished our One Future Summer Series - a series of action focused online workshops and meetings enabling connection, learning and exploration of ways to take action on climate change at a local and national level. The series consisted of a number of different events.

These included regional meetings to give people a chance to connect with others in their local area who are taking action on climate change. Participants discussed what actions they had been taking over the previous months and shared reflections, challenges and learnings with each other. These regional meetings also provided space for discussion around the values underpinning climate action work locally and nationally and exploring some of the roots of the climate crisis.

Our “Linking in Locally” workshops connected One Future groups with people from their local environmental networks. It provided space for participants to learn from each others and get to know each other at a local level.

Our “What’s next?” event invited participants to explore upcoming local, national and international moments in the climate policy landscape. Policy experts were on hand to outline upcoming events and answer questions. Participants identified COP 26, agriculture, the media and local climate action plans as issues they would like to take action on.

We were delighted to be joined by Jeroen Robbe from LABO - a Belgian training organisation - to give a participatory workshop on Group Dynamics. This workshop explored how effective groups work. Participants were encouraged to reflect on what effective groups are like and think about issues that arise in their own groups. They also explored how they could start discussing and addressing problematic power dynamics within groups.

Don’t forget - if you’re not already involved in a One Future group you can sign up to join your local group here.

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