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Update on No New Gas

Posted by Deirdre Duff on July 22, 2021 at 05:06 PM

global fracking ban

No New Gas is our campaign to prevent fossil gas lock-in. Its primary focus is on fracked gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure and new exploration licenses for oil and gas in Irish waters.

End New Exploration Licences

We’ve been calling on the Government to honour their Programme for Government promise to introduce a ban on the issuing of new oil and gas licenses off the Irish coast.

We made exciting progress recently when the new Climate Law was amended to include a ban on new offshore exploration licenses. Unfortunately this ban only relates to new exploration licenses - so we’re continuing the fight for the ending of all oil and gas exploration in Irish waters. Further research is necessary to ascertain the most suitable policy or legislative changes that could be used to improve this ban. We will also continue to engage on this issue in the context of the Government's energy security review being undertaken this year.

Stopping Fracked Gas and LNG in Ireland

Fossil fuel extraction needs to stop in Ireland - but we want to go further than that! In particular, we need to ensure that highly polluting fracked gas is not imported into Ireland in the form of liquefied natural gas. That’s why we’ve been campaigning for the Government to honour their Programme for Government promise to ban fracked gas imports.

This campaign made some important progress in May - when the Government produced a Policy Statement to confirm that it would be inappropriate to permit the development of any LNG terminals in Ireland until after the Government’s Energy Security Review is completed. This makes it extremely unlikely that An Bord Pleanála will grant planning permission for LNG projects and should be the final nail in the coffin for them! Which is good news! But we won’t be resting until LNG projects in Ireland are dead and buried for certain - we’ll continue to analyse further developments in this area. We’ll also be working to ensure that the Government’s security review is transparent and fully informed by climate obligations.

Global Ban on Fracking

Friends of the Earth has joined forces with activists and experts from across the anti-fracking movement to call on Ireland to propose a global ban on fracking at the United Nations. You can support this campaign by signing our petition asking the Irish Government to table a resolution at the United Nations calling for a global ban on fracking.
Ireland is uniquely well-positioned to lead the effort against fracked gas. We already has a strong ban on fracking in Ireland and are well on the way to banning fracked gas imports into Ireland too! And we’ve divested our state investment fund from fossil fuel investments. Now it’s time to take our Fossil Free leadership to the world stage by campaigning for this global fracking ban!



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