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System:Reset Project Update

Posted by Claudia Tormey on February 22, 2021 at 05:55 PM

System Reset

System: Reset is a Pan-European project that Friends of the Earth is part of. The project aims to build platforms across Europe to bring young people from under-represented communities into multi-level decision-making and build strong, collective visions for a socially just and ecologically sound future.

We have lots in store for System:Reset this year, including a Just Transition Champions Training Programme, which we’re collaborating on with Community Work Ireland. This programme will support youth and community workers to consider how climate justice relates to their practice and support them to engage with and contribute to the implementation of just transition policies and plans. You can apply for this training here at this link.

Other activities for System:Reset will include Outreach Workshops to amplify the visions, voices and opinions of young people on climate justice-related issues, particularly the voices of youth from communities who are disproportionately affected by the social and environmental injustices we face today (young Travellers, migrants, asylum seekers, LGBT & rural/ urban youth). We hope to host three youth assemblies on cross-cutting issues emerging from the outreach workshops, bringing young people together from across the country to discuss these issues and identify collective visions for a just transition.

Throughout the project we will gather the ideas, visions and demands that young people share. These visions will be brought to a national assembly where young people will have an opportunity to meet decision makers to present their ideas and question them on their plans to address youth concerns.

We’ll be sharing information on these workshops in the coming weeks on our website and social media but if you have any immediate queries you can email and we’ll put you in touch with Emma Jayne, our Education Coordinator.

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