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Stop Climate Chaos Webinar: The implications of the Supreme Court judgement in the Climate Case for climate action in Ireland

Posted by Deirdre Duff on September 06, 2020 at 10:15 PM

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Join this webinar at 5pm Irish Time on Wednesday 9th September (please ignore the time zone on the registration page!)

September has begun. And with it, a new season of climate campaigning kicks off. Stop Climate Chaos has a host of activities, events and actions lined up to ensure that the Government holds to its Programme for Government promises and delivers the faster and fairer climate action we so urgently need. And crucially that it passes the legislation required to make that action a legal requirement!

We saw the power of legislation to hold the Government to account in August when the Supreme Court struck down the Government’s hopelessly inadequate 2017 climate action plan because it didn’t comply with the provisions of the 2015 Climate Action Act. That 2015 law was the result of 8 years of campaigning by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Now, at our urging, the Government parties have promised to publish a new, stronger climate law within the first 100 days of their administration, by 5th October. We’ll be pushing them every step of the way to ensure they follow through. Stop Climate Chaos will also be running a series of webinars to delve into these issues. First up is a webinar to examine that Supreme Court judgement from August - and what it means for climate action in Ireland.

Click here to register for the webinar!

This first webinar in our autumn series will take place on 9th September at 5pm Irish Time.

We are delighted to be joined by Dr. Andrew Jackson on behalf of the Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) legal team for a unique opportunity to tease out the implications of this landmark judgement. We will also be joined by Sadhbh O’Neill, Stop Climate Chaos policy advisor, who helped to launch the climate case campaign in 2018 as FIE's campaign coordinator.

Did you know that Ireland is one of only two countries - the other one being the Netherlands to see a successful challenge to government climate policy in the courts? The fact that seven Supreme Court judges unanimously found that the 2017 National Mitigation Plan had serious shortcomings makes it all the more significant. The webinar will examine the groundbreaking nature of this case - and provide a fascinating insight into how it was successfully argued. We hope to see you there.

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